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Business Process Digitization

Digital ID Verification and Scanning

To speed up customer acquisition while reducing fraud

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A Solution for Automating Complex Customer Transactions

New customer relationships, new contracts, information updates, anti-fraud monitoring … the handling of these processes need optimized management to keep an organization competitive and compliant.

Flatirons Jouve provides mobile capture solutions that improve the identification and cross-referencing process and reduce the cost of screening and onboarding new customers, allowing banks to streamline KYC and AML requirements. Our Mobile Capture solution provides a proven, powerful answer for digitizing and automating even the complex data capture. The Mobile Capture solution supports any ID or type of document required in the instruction phase of file, validation, and cross-referencing scenarios, with capabilities that include

  • Powerful and reliable mobile image and text capture, treatment, and correction to provide the highest quality inputs for automated processing of any ID or type of document required in the instruction phase of a file.
  • Best of breed image recognition capabilities with sophisticated intelligence that simplifies the process for end-users.
  • Highly configurable rules and machine learning to facilitate data consistency checks, cross-referencing, and validations to support transaction types that include applications, account updates, designation changes, claims, authorizations, and requests.
  • Proven APIs and web services to connect to any enterprise and cloud-based data source for cross-referencing and lookup to ensure identity and verify against known watch lists as part of customer profiling or scoring.
  • Scalable solution for an easy and progressive deployment across the Bank range of products (e.g., account opening, personal information update, credit loan etc.)

Real-time checking of identity information in cross-channel mode is becoming key to meet the challenge of optimizing customer process management. Whether for your website or your mobile apps, Jouve Mobile Capture helps you to establish new customer relationships, enter into contracts, or update your client information.

Fast ROI

With Mobile Capture, you get real-time assurance that the informa­tion you have is accurate and compliant; this makes for a speedier acceptance process. Your error risk is minimized, and your increased productivity contributes to customer satisfaction.

70 Types of Verification

Our solution verifies identity documents such as proofs of residence, tax notices, bank details, pay slips, driver licenses, vehicle registration certificates, or any other structured or semi-structured documents.

Public Sector

Modernization of citizen relations


Transformation rate and KYC

Social Protection

Business success with regulatory compliance

Verification of customer files, a challenge in many sectors

Available in SaaS or On Premise mode, it integrates easily into your Information System to optimize your client processes.

Scan your documents
  • Identification documents
  • Power, water, telecoms bills
  • Bank details
  • Driver licenses
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Pay slips
  • Any other structured or semi-structured document
Multi-channel solution
  • Quicker time to revenue
  • Improved customer service
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Enhanced brand equity and reputation
  • Dramatic reduction in exposure to fines or penalties related to compliance issues.

Industry References

Flatirons Jouve Mobile Capture solution was honored by the banking and insurance industries by winning the Grand Prize from the 2016 Paris Banque & Innovation conference and the 2016 Insurance Innovation Award for its project with Thélem Insurance.

Get Started!

Flatirons Jouve can assist your organization in getting better document capture an verification in real time to speed up your processes and comply with regulations worldwide. Contact us to get started today.

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