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Business Process Digitization

Enterprise Content and Workflow Management Solutions

Flatirons Jouve is a leading provider of content lifecycle management solutions that solve complex content management problems for global enterprise clients

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High performance workflow for your complex business processes

Today business processes involve a large number of contributors who are both internal and external to the company, often located at distinct sites. They frequently integrate automated operations on records, information or image processing, applications themselves which are dispersed geographically in multiple information centers.

These new complexities in the process require support of powerful schedulers allocating the right resources to identified tasks – both human and material – at the right time and at the right place, depending on the availabilities of each, in order to optimize processing times for all records, and satisfy the final client.

Flatirons Jouve provides a comprehensive solution with Process Manager, a high-performance workflow engine which optimizes processing times for your complex operations and makes them more reliable.


Jouve Process Manager integrates:

  • A workflow engine relying upon cutting-edge technologies, enabling it to manage more than 1 million records per day, and in the same chain
  • A responsiveness of workflow-application exchanges, with more than 250 messages managed per second
  • Optimization of input of human-machine resources, for several hundred simultaneous operators, and several dozen processing servers
  • A dynamic prioritization of records or tasks, with manual configuration or automated management by delivery times
  • Possibility of easily integrating one or several Jouve Process Manager slaves, or other marketplace workflows
  • Full traceability of events, documents, contributors
  • Simplified administration, as a result of easily visualizable processes and meta-processes and an instrument panel consolidating tracking and verification

The scheduler is a multi-platform system, for major computing systems, but also for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, with communication libraries for C, C#, C++, .Net, Java, Python, Perl, Php, VB and html5


  • Jouve Process Manager Workflow enables considerable scalability and real usage potential for technical architecture, especially for your critical processes
  • It is also the most efficient supply for your technicians, operators, agents or account managers to optimize the system’s global productivity
  • It enables tracking and detailed administration, especially for the most complex processes
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