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Business Process Digitization

Know Your Customer

Document Control for Customer Knowledge and Regulatory Compliance

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A More Demanding Regulatory Climate

New regulations that apply to an organization’s KYC (Know Your Customer) impact the management of client portfolios. These range from anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing regulations to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Automatic Information Exchange Initiatives, and other regulations. These regulations specify requirements to check and validate various aspects of customer identity, and they are growing.

Credit, payment, and insurance organizations along with gaming / gambling organizations and a range of other economic players must fulfill a growing number of regulatory obligations. These organizations must adopt a new level of vigilance called « Know Your Customer » (KYC) through the ability to identify their customers and their beneficiaries along with their business connections.

Without a method of meeting this requirement, organizations are at risk for heavy fines and significant consequences regarding their reputations.

Engaging Flatirons Jouve brings a global approach to document management in the context of responding to regulatory requirements for Know Your Customer.

Strengthen Your Ability to Comply with Customer Knowledge Requirements

Identity documentation and supporting proof are at the heart of KYC regulations. The enforcement of KYC regulations requires that organizations verify for all clients, whether new or existing, that required documentation is both included and valid.

A recognized technological leader

Flatirons Jouve is a recognized provider of capture and outsourced business management processes. We offer a range of services with the most recent advances in deep learning, image processing, and data visualization to help keep you in compliance:

  • Fast diagnosis of the quality of documents indexing
  • Identification of main documents types
  • Modeling through deep learning
  • Review of indexing practices and recommendations for improvement

Let’s get started!

Our experts are here to help you design and implement the best solutions to get your document related KYC running.

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