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Captiva Consulting

Eliminate data entry errors and transform your business through intelligent enterprise capture for your paper documents

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Empower Your Business with Captiva

For more than a decade, Flatirons has been helping organizations across the globe implement EMC’s Captiva intelligent enterprise capture software. Captiva does more than capture and transform your paper documents into application-ready information. It helps you lower costs, minimize risk, and connects you to the information required to get your job done.

Why Use Captiva?

Capture Anything from Anywhere

Unlike traditional back-office capture systems, today’s enterprises require the ability to capture documents throughout the enterprise—from knowledge workers, mobile devices, and dedicated mailroom environments.

Intelligently Connect Documents

Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture automatically connects content from documents with your business systems. Auto-classification and data extraction tools transform documents into actionable business data, saving money and raising productivity.

Deliver Enterprise Capabilities

Captiva Intelligent Enterprise Capture isn’t just for large enterprises. It’s simple enough for smaller departments to implement quickly but robust enough to roll out across multiple departments and scale to support large, business-critical applications.

Get Started!

Flatirons can help your organization implement Captiva as part of your content strategy or upgrade to the latest version. Contact us to get started today.

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