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Contracts Management

Streamline contract creation and management through automated contract lifecycle management

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Streamline the Contract Process

Using a streamlined process, Flatirons saves you time once spent modifying and altering contracts. Our solution gives you the power to generate contracts from approved templates based on the answers to simple questions, saving on manual re-work and ensuring the proper clauses are present. As a contract moves through the process, negotiation and approval occur as a part of flows inside the application. The system intelligently routes tasks and efficiently saves all comments, versions, and approvals.

Reduce Creation Time

Use clause libraries and improved collaboration capabilities to streamline the authoring process when compared to traditional use of email for redlined attachments.

Automate Compliance Tracking

Integration with other systems ensures that orders use the correct price, and that companies claim the rebates and volume discounts to which they are entitled.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Free up legal resources to focus on more strategic tasks with automatic reminders of upcoming contract expiration dates and tracking of complex contracts with multiple enrollments, addenda, and amendments.

Get Started!

Flatirons Jouve can help guide your organization through the design and implementation of a Contracts Management solution. Contact us to get started today.

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