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The Industry’s Most Innovative Mobile Solution Now Available as a Subscription Service

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Take Control
of Your Organization's Technical Data

Airlines rely on access to and control of their vital technical information to operate more efficiently than their competitors, and to supply a differentiating level of service to customers. Relying on multiple OEM systems for maintenance information or waiting for OEM revisions limits your ability to find areas of competitive advantage.

The CORENA Cloud solution provides game-changing capabilities at a fraction of the adoption cost of a more traditional premise-based software solutions.

For small and medium sized airlines looking for ways to separate themselves from the competition and find critical areas in which proprietary best practices can increase efficiency, CORENA Cloud is an ideal solution.

Flatirons Solutions can provide your teams with a solution that will meet their needs and help your company achieve better operational performance.

Benefits of CORENA Cloud's Flexible SaaS Hosting

Unlike traditional solutions for managing maintenance and Tech Ops content, CORENA Cloud for Maintenance is a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) offer that provides strong benefits for airlines, including lower capital expenditures, no large upfront investment in software licenses or professional services, and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides transparency and accountability for solution performance, availability, and upgrades over time.


CORENA Cloud’s software as a service or SaaS model allows for rapid deployment within weeks.


OEM-independent solution for improved control of mobile maintenance, technical operations, and operating manual content publishing for organizations who oversee complex assets.


CORENA Cloud brings immediate productivity, asset utilization, and compliance benefits resulting in an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

CORENA Cloud Products & Resources

The CORENA Cloud provides game-changing capabilities at a fraction of the adoption cost of a more traditional premise-based software solutions.

The components of CORENA Cloud include:

  • CORENA Insight a proven workflow engine to manage compliant content change and capture revision requests that are fulfilled by our trusted team of technical writers, illustrators, and learning specialists.
  • CORENA Pinpoint & Pinpoint Mobile for access to the latest approved maintenance, engineering, and company manual documentation for all of your fleets, engines, and components on virtually any device type.
  • CORENA Managed Content Services to ensure that all of your organization’s latest documentation is available for mobile access, and that any content updates requested by your team are implemented by a team that provides outsourced authoring, illustration, and training development services to some of the industry’s leading OEMs and Operators.

Get Started!

Flatirons Solutions can assist your organization in getting better utilization on fleet assets, higher productivity for staff in the field, and a lower cost of technical publications. Contact us to get started today.

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