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CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops

The aviation industry’s only responsive, XML-powered viewer for the entire flight operations team

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Transform Flight, Cabin, and Ground Crew

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops, part of the Flatirons Flight Ops Solution family of products, is one of the world’s first interactive viewers for flight operations teams designed specifically for rendering and viewing XML data on mobile devices. It is the first mobile XML solution for flight operations approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and is designed to transform the productivity of your flight, cabin, and ground crews while enhancing operator compliance capabilities.

Empower Your Workforce in the Air and on the Ground

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops gives flight operations teams fast and easy access to the most current information for their roles through a single mobile viewer—without the cost, complexity, and adoption challenges faced by traditional solutions. It provides flight, cabin, and ground crews with access to the most current information specific to their roles using CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops’ content push and synchronization functionality.

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops includes a publisher component that allows content owners to capture, reuse, and distribute a variety of content types—including OEM structured content, office documents, PDFs, and even email attachments and other content—in a way that eliminates traditional barriers of costly content conversion of migration.  And just as importantly, CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops does this in a way that tracks and manages acknowledgements and other compliance-critical details. The CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops mobile app is available for a variety of mobile devices.

Pilots and Flight Crews
  • Make it easy for crews to do the right thing, with:
    • proactive notifications of available document updates
    • features for quickly reviewing only changed content
    • simple to use acknowledgement for compliance visibility
    • download features to accommodate both high and low bandwidth work locations
  • Capture feedback on processes to support a continuous improvement culture
Flight Attendants and Cabin Crews
  • Improve customer service thanks to more rapid flight preparation and ability to manage customer “edge cases” in an informed and compliant manner
  • Provide enhanced ease of use over PDF-based solutions thanks to content that leverages the power of XML for more intuitive search and retrieval
  • Mobile, modern, and feature-rich to better engage users wherever they are serving, worldwide.
Gate Personnel and Ramp Crews
  • Accelerate on-time departures thanks to access to required instructions wherever and whenever they are needed
  • Shorten training times for new workers thanks to content that is mobile, responsive, and ergonomic, even for non-technical users
  • Improved compliance with both corporate policies and regulatory mandates thanks to content that is accessible, clear, and consistent

Flight Ops Expertise and Resources

Flatirons is a recognized leader in Flight Operations technical publications and compliance management. We are the provider of Flight Ops software and services solutions for leading airlines including United Airlines, JetBlue, Etihad, Southwest Airlines and many others.

Competing Viewers CORENA Pinpoint Mobile for Flight Ops by Flatirons
Responsive design to support a wide array of user devices and screen sizes, including the latest mobile devices x-mark-2-32  green_check_mark_icon
Lightweight document payloads thanks to support of true XML-based content delivery – often at 10% the document size x-mark-2-32  green_check_mark_icon
Certified by the FAA for use by almost 25,000 end-users for one of North America’s largest commercial carriers x-mark-2-32  green_check_mark_icon
Part of a comprehensive family of solutions to enable long-term growth to meet evolving business needs in flight ops, maintenance, and tech ops x-mark-2-32 green_check_mark_icon
Supported by a global team of innovators almost 500 strong, with a broad presence in North America, Europe, and Asia x-mark-2-32  green_check_mark_icon


The Benefit of Experience

Flatirons brings over 25 years of experience to the table when delivering content lifecycle management solutions for the world’s leading aviation, aerospace, energy, marine, rail, automotive and defense organizations. We enable our clients to comprehensively optimize their mission-critical technical content for complex assets across their product and service lifecycles with the CORENA suite of CLM products and TechSuite technical publications management.

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