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for Capital-Intensive Asset Manufacturers and Operators

The de facto standard for OEM- and program-independent technical information management

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Discover the Difference that Innovation Makes

CORENA Suite solutions from Flatirons Solutions like the CORENA Fleet solution and CORENA Manufacturer solution are the most innovative offers available for large asset manufacturers and operators seeking improved asset utilization, higher maintainer productivity, and dramatic organizational efficiency improvements. For OEMs, having maintenance and tech ops content that is accurate, interactive, and timely increases perceived product value and maintainability. For Operators, it’s a game-changing capability to minimize non-productive time spent accessing technical information, with huge implications for technician productivity and asset utilization.

OEM Independent

One of the greatest tools in an airline’s competitive arsenal is the ability to exert control over the organization’s technical information. CORENA Suite allows operators to manage all of their fleets, engines, and components in one system for quick and easy technician access and delivery for improved productivity that positively impacts the bottom line.

Program Independent

CORENA Suite provides manufacturers with program-independent publishing capabilities that reduce the barriers to fulfilling the content delivery requirements associated with civilian and defense programs. CORENA Suite solutions allow content to be written once, and dynamically output to the specification, format, and content channel dictated by the program.

Dynamic, Mobile, and On-Demand

Today’s workforce is increasingly unable to work with large, monolithic paper-based manuals or PDF documents. CORENA Suite solutions are focused on the specialized capabilities of XML to produce technical information that is dynamic, accurate, and tailored specifically for the asset being serviced and the task being performed.

CORENA Suite Products

CORENA Suite has been the focus of six generations of refinement, and enjoys a level of research and development investment unparalleled in the industry.  Proven in production with half the world’s largest airlines, the top three jet engine manufacturers, and major players in rail, marine, and energy, CORENA Suite provides innovative capabilities designed to transform your business.

To learn more about CORENA Suite products, please refer to these links.


Create valid S1000D XML easily using Flatirons’ powerful Authoring Environment for Aviation and Aerospace.

CORENA Knowledge Center

Efficiently design and deliver content for your fleet technical information specifications using Flatirons’ powerful Component Content Management System.

CORENA Pinpoint

Operators, MROs, and OEMs use CORENA Pinpoint to enable fast access to digital maintenance, tech ops, and flight ops information to deliver real-time results.

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile

CORENA Pinpoint Mobile provides interactive technical content for all fleets (including new generation S1000D fleets), manual types, and vendors for on- or offline mobile access, on-site on any mobile device.

CORENA Insight

Solidify, enforce, and quicken execution of compliant content work processes for multiple technical specifications using CORENA Insight and CORENA Fleet.

CORENA eTaskcard

Flatirons Solutions helps your organization bring mobile, paperless work cards and technical operations content to 21st Century MRO organizations.

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