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Breathe new life into your collections through digitization

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Benefits of digitization services

Flatirons Jouve is a leader in content digitization with more than 25 years of experience in digitizing books and newspaper for the largest national libraries in Europe. We provide our customers with service and solutions from digitization to distribution of their heritage.

Strong expertise

Flatirons Jouve draws on its extensive experience to offer you a comprehensive, customized, and appropriate service for all your collections. It includes consulting on process optimization, project management, digitization of fragile and precious documents, post-digitization processing, cataloging, OCR processing, publication, search engine indexing and online promotion.

Our experts offer full document management solutions. These include an umbrella computer portal and modular software components enabling the solutions we offer to be adapted to our customers’ specific requirements.

Robust solution

Based on optimized processes, we provide high-quality results even on high volume. Our expertise on the processes of digitization, indexing, and conversion combined with our cutting-edge technologies lead to exceptional results when converting your document collections on a large scale, without entailing any additional inputting or processing time.

Great references

The most prestigious libraries trust Flatirons Jouve with their collections. For example, we have processed over 60 million pages for the National Library of France (BNF).

Other projects include:

  • BNF – conversion of 30,000 19th and 20th century periodicals – unavailable parts digitized and converted i.e. over 32 million pages.
  • BBC – 4,500 magazines with 420,000 pages digitized and converted
  • INST (French national institute of health and medical research): 34 million pages of scientific periodicals digitized and converted

Cultural Heritage Digitization Solution

Flatirons Jouve brings the best quality of service with lower subscription and processing times, resulting from advanced technologies.

Get Started with digital publishing!

Flatirons Jouve can assist your organization in digitizing and converting your paper assets, offering a second life to all your collections and archives.

Contact us to get started today.

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