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Cultural Heritage Digitization

Archive Digitization

Digital access to cultural heritage

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Institutions, (libraries, museums, archives, etc.), companies and publishers, all face the same challenge today: how to protect and make the most of their cultural heritage, while enabling access and viewing to the public at large? Large-scale conversion of these collections has already been started. It is a major challenge for them today.

This heritage is often valuable, and it increasingly includes vast quantities of documents, which are old, mixed, fragile and which require professional solutions that are suitable for the specific needs of their contents.

A long experience

Capitalizing on our long experience with libraries, archives and museums, Flatirons Jouve can meet its clients’ new requirements:

  • maintain the context of a cultural heritage in addition to preserving it physically.
  • share, in digital form, a cultural heritage which has been preserved physically,
  • enable relevant research using a multitude of documents and texts,
  • present our heritage online,
  • ensure the digital preservation of old documents for legal and functional reasons, etc.


Our digitisation and conversion modular platform approach allows us to handle all project sizes with the same dedication and quality.

High quality is achieved by puting inplace strict processes with high level of automatic and manuel controls all along the production.

The customer reporting portal is an open window of the production status at all time and in realtime.


Our technology for digitization is a combination of best of breed solution and proprietary software to bring the best solution for

  • Data search and visualisation technology
  • workflow
  • OCR


We have a strong expertise in all standard formats of conversion such as Alto, METS, ePUB … and can also developp any other output XML format.

We have a long experience with major libraries, starting with the French National Library (BNF)


You have a project

We can help you with your archive or book digitization project as we have done for more than 20 years with our customers worldwide.

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