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Cultural Heritage Digitization

Digital Publishing

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Freely distribute your digital publications

Whether you are a professional editor, a company, or an organization that wants to distribute publications on tablets and smartphones, Flatirons Jouve has designed Jouve Digital Publishing for you. The Jouve Digital Publishing solution for Cultural Heritage publishers consists of an EPUB3 reader application and a back office for distribution and rights management. It is an alternative to the services provided by public app stores and allows all your readers to access your content.


The Jouve Digital Publishing platform consists of two primary components: a publication server to host all content, and a reader application available
for various devices and operating systems.  Combined, this comprehensive solution provides compelling benefits to Cultural Heritage institution publishers, including:

Capture New Revenue

Diversify your distribution channels (tablets, smartphones, etc.) and collect all revenues produced by these sales

Full Control Over Distribution

Control the distribution of your publications with full autonomy and publish updated and secure content

Extend Your Brand

Enjoy a customizable, configurable, and highly interoperable white label solution

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