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Digital Experience

Reinventing the Digital Experience and Creating Value

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Ensure the Success of Your New Digital Products and Services

Our experts consult closely with your business, marketing, and IT departments to recommend innovative methodologies and appropriate solutions for your digital transformation.

We can help you develop new products and services that add value to your markets through web and mobile application development and maintenance, search engine indexing and integration, operation of big data technologies, expert semantic processing, and machine learning.

Our innovation lab staff are seasoned professionals dedicated to designing innovative digital experiences and pioneering future user trends. These experts in UX design, agility, design thinking, and design sprint techniques offer strategic and operational consulting as well as creating and setting up innovation labs for our customers.

Innovation Lab

Joint creation of innovative digital experiences

  • Digital strategy consulting
  • User experience, design, design thinking
  • Lean and agile methodologies

Digital factories

  • Design and management of innovation labs
  • Innovative business models, lean start-up, MVP
  • Development of entrepreneurial approaches
Mobile & Web
  • Mobile and web strategy consulting
  • Native (iOS, Android, Windows) and cross-platform (Xamarin, Apache Cordova) applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Responsive websites: e-commerce and business portals, Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)
  • Connected object applications (IoT)
  • Innovation: mobile capture, augmented reality
Search & Big Data
  • Consulting and expertise on choosing search, big data, and data visualization technologies and architecture
  • Assistance with migration to open source architecture
  • Large-scale distributed processing solutions
  • Deployment of data lake search applications
  • Content enhancement through semantic processing and machine learning

Mobile Marketing

  • Management of mobile advertising budgets for brands that have the most stringent ROI requirements
  • Multifunctional systems meeting customer objectives and budget constraints
  • Effective listing of your applications in the various stores (Apple, Google, Microsoft)
  • Assessment of ROI for acquisition and re-engagement campaigns
  • Implementation of mobile CRM plans
  • Tailored media training/workshops

Get Started!

Flatirons Jouve can assist your organization to innovate and create unique digital experiences for your users. Contact us to get started today.

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