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Innovation Harnessed to Benefit Users

Everything we do at Flatirons Jouve on a daily basis is guided by innovation. This includes fostering innovation at all levels of our organization, accelerating our customers’ digital transformation, and pioneering new practices.

Our approach is based on encouraging creativity, agility, entrepreneurial spirit, and cooperation. A team of 2,000 staff work on 100% customized Flatirons Jouve applications and mixed solutions in partnership with our technology partners.

We aim to create new digital services that dovetail with your business processes.

Our Innovation Lab – Inventing Tomorrow’s Services

Through our Innovation Lab, we are able to quickly develop your future products and services and support their success in your markets.

Our teams conduct tests and proofs of concept ahead of the curve, adopting processes focused on customer satisfaction. This methodology helps make disruptive technologies actionable, allowing customers to observe how innovations enhance their processes and consider developments in terms of services or practices.

Our R&D department also monitors the latest international innovations, enabling us to incorporate emerging technologies into our processes including machine and deep learning, blockchain, augmented reality, big data, data visualization, data mining, e-learning, game-ification, and IoT (Internet of things).

Innovation Experts

Among our recent developments, Jouve Mobile Capture is a concrete example of a disruptive innovation applied to the banking and insurance sectors. This solution enables users to adopt paperless processes more quickly as it can be embedded in mobile applications to facilitate online registration procedures (e.g. instantly creating secure accounts for new customers). Its contribution was recognized by an award at the 2016 Banque & Innovation trade show.

With the growing trend for digital transformation in schools, universities, and professional training organizations, Flatirons Jouve has decided to expand the services it offers to help publishers and educational institutions with all their digital projects and acquired Six Red Marbles in 2016.

Our acquisition of this leading creator of educational experiences has enabled us to increase our capacity for innovation in the education sector.

Large-scale Programs

Over the past 10 years, Flatirons Jouve has been involved in over 50 innovative projects and major European research programs, including Quaero and the European Digital Library in close cooperation with prestigious bodies such as the BnF.

Energized Staff

At Flatirons Jouve, innovation is more than just a process. It is a mindset prompting new ideas and fully unrestricted communication.

Innovation is spearheaded by a dedicated committee that meets every quarter. A widely adopted system also encourages innovative practices outside the R&D department. Our six-monthly “Digital Day” events provide opportunities for gathering ideas and interacting with employees to monitor progress made with projects.

Finally, ideas are continuously being exchanged between teams that design our offerings, staff who implement services for customers, and R&D engineers.

Get Started!

Flatirons Jouve is ready to help you bringing innovation to your business. Contact us to jumpstart innovation in your organization.

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