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Mobile Marketing

Convert Mobile Traffic to New and Returning Customers

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Tap Into The Power of Mobile Marketing

Are you wondering how to develop the best mobile app to engage your customers and attract new ones? Do you already have an app, but is it falling short of helping you achieve the results you expect? Or are you fumbling to optimize your website for today’s mobile-first users and get started with mobile marketing because it all seems like a mysterious black box?

Flatirons Jouve can help. We’ve worked with leading brands in the hospitality, banking, news and media, automotive, and other industries to define their mobile marketing strategies based on engaging experiences that convert mobile traffic into new and returning customers.

Plan, Deploy, and Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Flatirons Jouve can help you plan, deploy, and optimize a mobile marketing strategy using best practices in website and app development across all platforms. More than just app developers, Flatirons Jouve serves as a mobile marketing advisor that works hand-in-hand with your marketing team to understand your brand, the best ways to engage your audiences using mobile technology, and train your staff how to measure and optimize your mobile marketing tools in support of your business goals.


A dedicated account manager will oversee the planning phase of your mobile marketing strategy. It includes benchmarking against your competitors and reviewing your existing mobile strategy to identify what’s working and where improvements need to be made. For some, this means building a strategy from scratch. This phase includes evaluating your website to ensure that it’s optimized for mobile (if it isn’t already) and identifying the type of app and user experience that will support the conversion of mobile traffic to new and returning customers.

Design and Deploy

Based on your marketing strategy, we will build a digital experience optimized for all mobile devices that increases your brand visibility and supports the user experience for your target audience or audiences. We do this using multimedia, mobile messaging, social media integration, geotargeting, and other techniques to convert mobile traffic into leads and drive mobile traffic into your physical stores. Our mobile marketing solutions include anti-fraud protection that evaluates the quality and consistency of mobile traffic and provides campaign analytics so you can lower the cost of your mobile ad campaigns.


Measuring the effectiveness of your mobile marketing strategy is a key component of the solution. Our tools provide customized reporting on the conversion funnel mobile users take, and our engagements include training your team on how to make adjustments to the mobile experience to continuously improve the user experience and conversion rates defined by your specific key performance indicators.

Get Started

Every day that you don’t have an optimized mobile marketing strategy, your competitors may be taking your business.

Don’t let this happen. Contact us to learn how to get started today!

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