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Search & Big Data

Get Unlimited Value Out of Your Data

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Use Smart Data Analytics

Many organizations are faced with the major challenge of processing exponentially growing volumes of data from a wide variety of sources. In this climate, collection, enrichment and search requirements have increased. With search engine-based solutions, big data-derived technologies, and artificial intelligence, it is possible to reveal the full value of data, and thus create new business models or new offerings, improve operational efficiency, optimize user experience, etc.

A 360° Service for Big Data Analysis and Management

For more than 20 years, Flatirons Jouve has used its search and big data expertise (data conceptualization and modeling, search engines and indexing, search-based applications, NoSQL databases, datalakes, etc.) to help companies and authorities improve the speed, fluidity and agility of their information management processes. From audit to design and implementation of specific solutions, Flatirons Jouve provides a 360° service, recommending, designing and implementing the most appropriate solutions for your requirements.

Get Started with Big Data Analysis!

Flatirons Jouve reveals the hidden value of your data. Contact us to see how you can take advantage of the big data revolution.

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