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Digital MediaSuite

Deliver the ultimate customer experience with the latest Digital Asset Management solution for Documentum D2

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Get to Know Digital MediaSuite

Digital MediaSuite is built exclusively for D2 by Flatirons Jouve. Inspired by OpenText’s digital asset management products, we enhanced D2 with modern technologies, additional features, and best-practices in user experience to create an innovative and efficient solution for managing all types of enterprise digital assets.

Why Use Digital MediaSuite?

Speed. Cost. Collaboration. Digital MediaSuite makes it easy for your team to find digital assets quickly by eliminating bottlenecks when creating and using digital and rich media. It speeds up the production of creative media by enabling entire teams to review, annotate, and comment on digital assets in the production workflow. Then, it lets you easily distribute digital assets electronically for more effective collaboration. Digital MediaSuite saves money by reusing assets, rather than purchasing or recreating them.

Who Should Use It?

Digital MediaSuite is for CIOs and IT strategists who have been asked to find a system for helping internal departments manage digital assets. Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Digital Officers will love Digital MediaSuite because it will help eliminate bottlenecks that exist in marketing and media production as well as improve brand consistency. Users of Digital MediaSuite (designers, videographiers, photographers, creative directors, marketing managers, and more) will enjoy the way Digital MediaSuite adapts to their own unique roll in digital asset management.

Key Features

Unlike other digital asset management systems, Digital MediaSuite is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You can configure its interface according to each user’s role and according to their needs, whether they’re a contributor, production staff, manager, or reviewer. Flexible asset management lets users search and filter by metadata, browse by hierarchy or using thumbnails. Digital MediaSuite also provides dynamic previews for images, documents, presentations, videos, and other assets. Adapt to the type of content you’re viewing with the capability to navigate any file type.


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