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Information Governance

The right combination of strategic consulting and Information Governance tools for compliance-driven organizations

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Why Information Governance?

Today, effective Information Governance is at a crossroads. It is more critical than ever because it plays a fundatmental role in addressing regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of data theft. At the same time, successful Information Governance is more challenging than ever before, with the exponential growth of electronic content created every day in every business. Organizations that are able to address complex requirements successfully will see success while those that don’t will struggle against the consequences.

Flatirons Jouve and Everteam help organizations in compliance-driven industries address their toughest Information Governance challenges. Through the partnership, Flatirons Jouve serves as one of Everteam’s select integration partners in North America and Europe, giving clients easy access to Everteam’s leading suite of Information Governance software and Flatirons Jouve’s consulting and implementation teams.

Why Our Solution?

Information Governance from Flatirons Jouve and Everteam combines strategic business analysis along with the newest analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to automate the collection, indexing, and management of all the records in your organization, no matter what system produced them or where they are located. It gives you easy access to some of the best information management consultants and most sophisticated Information Governance software available today.

Analysis & Design

Our consultants help large organizations wrap their heads around their most complex Information Governance challenges and develop a manageable plan using the most advanced technology available to address them.

Information Governance Software

Everteam’s Information Governance software suite acts as a single system for the collection, indexing and analysis of records (digital or paper-based, structured or unstructured) produced anywhere, and by any system, in your organization.

Solution Implementation

Our team deploys your solution based on your business analyses and solution design, managing all aspects of the project and ensuring that the solution delivered meets your expectations.


See some of our resources to learn about the tools available as part of Everteam’s Information Governance Suite. Or visit the Everteam website.


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