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Legal Content Management

Optimize your production and delivery of content to legal professionals

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New Practice, New Channels

With 30 years’ experience in the legal sector, Flatirons Jouve can help you develop a strategy focused on industrialized and flexible production of legal content.

The legal publishing sector has been directly affected by the digital revolution, which has seen the emergence of a new readership well-versed in online solutions. These mobile customers want technology specifically designed for them and require unrestricted access to business information. In parallel, many influencers remain attached to traditional paper publishing practices, although they too appreciate having access to additional content.

It is vital to reflect this diverse range of readers and requirements in a clear production strategy based on the most relevant segmented multi-media offering, thus ensuring value for money.


Our production platforms cater for all paper and digital media, covering legal publishers’ entire strategic and operational spectrum. They will help you customize your services and reduce time to publication. The content provision system is fluid with content becoming quickly accessible.

With its cross-disciplinary expertise, Jouve can provide a response to any issues you may experience in terms of managing your documentation process.

Truly multi-channel

With its cross-disciplinary expertise, Flatirons Jouve can provide a response to any issues you may experience in terms of managing your documentation process.
Editorial content is optimized for re-use thanks to its XML first content structure, linguistic checks, and typesetting allowing the simultaneous production of a paper and electronic stream.
Multi-channel publishing in numerous formats (paper, web, syndication, eBook, PDA, etc.) is therefore possible while keeping production costs down.

One size DOESN’T fit all

The age of all users receiving the same content is over. Content must now be adapted and customized by segment and profile in order to meet professionals’ requirements. Knowledge of your users is vital for achieving this. A wide variety of analytics technologies is available so please contact us and we will identify your specific requirements.

Trusted by the Best

A number of publishers have entrusted us with the production and distribution of their content including:

  • Edition Lefebvre Sarrut (ELS Group)
  • Dalloz
  • Lextenso
  • Lexis Nexis

Our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities associated with legal content.

Get Started!

Flatirons Jouve can assist your organization in getting better utilization of your professional content, higher productivity, and a lower cost of publications. Contact us to get started today.

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