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Technical Content

Authoring & Illustration

Flatirons S1000D authoring helps OEMs take the pain out of developing and maintaining technical publications with outsourced technical authoring & illustration.

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Technical Publication Outsourcing

Aerospace OEMs face a common challenge: controlling rising costs to capture, manage, and distribute the technical information required to effectively utilize their complex assets. Primarily, this is caused by evolving technical information exchange standards that demand OEMs support multiple specifications – such as ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D. We address those challenges head on with aviation authoring services optimized for OEMs.

Outsourced Technical Authoring for OEMs

Our technical authoring services allow OEMs to meet diverse program requirements while experiencing significant cost-savings over time despite the increasingly complex data challenges. Our platform based technical publications outsource solution (including S1000D authoring) eliminates capital outlays for technology, increases information quality, and helps ensure consistent, on-time information delivery.

New Authoring Technology

Leveraging the industry-leading CORENA Suite technology combined with our technical expertise results in a unique platform based outsource solution. Flatirons comprehensively addresses the challenges of technical authoring & illustration for OEMs. Our deep understanding and experience of the aerospace OEM ecosystem drives the development of our technology, which brings benefits to our customers without the capital outlay or the added burden of licensing and hosting. Our customers enjoy the best of both worlds.

Bringing Order to Content

OEMs do not operate in isolation. They are often at the centre of a complex network of suppliers and customers with multiple product families and business units. To drive efficiency, there is a need for content consistency and reuse across the entire network. Our platform-based outsourced aviation authoring solutions help eliminate the complexities of managing multi-supplier relationships. We support the input and output of all data formats with a single solution, providing a unique “write once, use many” capability.

Added End-User Value

OEMs have a continuing need to improve customer service via faster and more efficient updates to technical documentation. We deliver these improvements for our customers, not only through our automated processes and innovative S1000D services, but also by extending the reach our technology ecosystem to the end-users of your content. We encourage our customers to offer our industry-leading content technology for their customers thereby delivering next-gen content based services to their customer network.

“Through our work with Flatirons we’ve gone from what was initially staff augmentation to a strategic partnership. Flatirons is committed to our success.”

– Client Executive Sponsor

The Benefit of Experience

Download these resources to learn more about our team’s thoughts and experiences on authoring technical content for some of the world’s leading aerospace and defense OEMs.


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