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Technical Content

Authoring & Illustration

Flatirons is your partner in delivering the accurate, up-to-date technical documentation that your Operators depend on to succeed.

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Manage Mission-Critical Documentation

What if you could maintain your maintenance, engineering, and flight operations documentation with the assurance that all of your changes — hand-written and electronic, internal or from regulators and other third parties — are incorporated into your manuals quickly and error free, at a fraction of the cost you pay today?

Outsourced Technical Authoring for Airlines

It’s painstaking work, managing technical information for existing & new-generation fleets while providing pilots and technicians with the most current, accurate information. Today, we capably deliver mission-critical information to tablet devices to help ensure safe and on-time flights. It requires just the right blend of technology and expertise. That’s why many of the world’s leading airline operators trust Flatirons Solutions to take the hassle out of their technical publications requirements, so they can concentrate on their core business of flying aircraft.

Reconcile OEM data

Our team of experienced aviation writers rapidly reconcile customized airline data into new OEM revision data, typically in less than two weeks from OEM release, only publishing the incremental updates that have changed. , Now, you can update a single task in just a few minutes rather than reissue entire manuals with granular control of incremental updates. Whether you are still distributing paper copies or transmitting electronic revisions to mobile devices, these micro updates represent significant distribution efficiencies.

Transform Data into XML

Whether your technical content is supplied in PDF format, on hand-written notes, or in some other electronic file, we will integrate and transform your source data into structured XML. Taking advantage of the latest thinking and standards we’ll turn your content into actionable knowledge for your staff, enabling the use of next-gen content consumption devices and maximizing content reuse across your business. Ultimately we’ll provide more accurate technical publications faster and more accessible than ever.

Document Capabilities

We support multi-spec authoring support for all products, programs and spec deliveries from a single platform-based outsourcing solution. We support automated transformation within and across S1000D, ATA iSpec 2200, Spec 2300 and other standards. Whether your content is authored for engineers, mechanics, flight crews or for wider business purposes, we have the experience and the expertise to deliver the right content at the right time, to the right people.


“For leading cargo carrier, our team was able to reduce turnaround times for customer originated changes from 2 months to 3 days compared to the previous supplier”

-Flatirons Program Manager

The Benefit of Experience

Download these resources to learn more about our team’s thoughts and experiences on authoring technical content for some of the world’s leading airlines and operators.


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