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CORENA Managed Content Services

Technical Authoring and Publishing

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Streamline Content Delivery

Aerospace companies often face a common challenge: controlling rising costs to capture, manage, and distribute the technical information required to effectively utilize their complex assets. Primarily, this is caused by evolving technical information exchange standards that demand the support of multiple specifications – such as ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D. We address those challenges head on with aviation authoring services optimized for your business. Leverage our services to take the pain out of developing and maintaining technical publications with outsourced technical authoring & illustration.

Significant Improvements

By leveraging the Technical Authoring & Publishing features of CORENA Managed Content Services, your organization can expect significant improvements such as:

New Authoring Technology

Flatirons comprehensively addresses the challenges of technical authoring & illustration. Our deep understanding and experience of the aerospace ecosystem drives the development of our technology, which benefits your organization without the capital outlay or the added burden of licensing and hosting. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Compliant Content On-Demand

Our teams are based worldwide, and have resource and load sharing capabilities to allow our authors to scale up or scale down their efforts to support your organization’s technical authoring and illustration needs.

Added End-User Value

You have a constant need to improve customer service via faster and more efficient updates to technical documentation. We deliver your organization these improvements through our automated processes and innovative S1000D and iSpec 2200 services and by extending the reach our technology ecosystem to the end-users of your content.

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