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Patent and IP Management

Helping patent offices to better manage the growth in patent and trademark applications through industry-leading technology and accountable outsourced services.

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Combining Machine Intelligence and Unrivaled Domain Expertise

Patent Offices face an increasingly critical operational challenge.  They must cope with the steady growth in patent and trademark applications due to increased globalization and intellectual property protection.  In the face of growing volume, they must also provide shorter processing times, improved applicant visibility into the process, and the assurance of total accuracy in reviews and approvals.  Meeting this challenge requires innovative technology, timely and informed processing services, and cost efficiencies that traditional tools and methods cannot match.

The Patent Management solution provides a comprehensive approach that helps patent offices and agencies supporting intellectual property protection deliver superior service at reduced cost.

Automated Processing

Our group’s proven Patent Management solution features a processing engine that supports the capture of inbound applications and supporting information in virtually any format, with automated capture and 99.99% accuracy. Content capture is optimized around the unique requirements of patent and trademark applications, and includes support for multi-lingual content (including English, French, and German), as well as advanced processing features for mathematical and scientific formulae.

Powerful Search Features

Using state of the art technology, our solution provides advanced search features that give application reviewers comprehensive insight into existing marks and patents to understand any potential prior art that may be relevant. Our platform leverages innovative big data and machine learning technologies to provide intelligent search functionality that give reviewers more accurate, timely, and comprehensive insight than traditional platforms and processes.

Content Dissemination

The Patent Management solution provides features not only to support reviewers and applications, but also includes functionality to help patent offices to efficiently distribute data on marks and patents, as well as their relevant process artifacts, externally for use by business, the public sector, and academia worldwide.

Efficient, Informed Services to Manage the Human Factor

No solution can fully remove the need for human review and management of exceptions that fall outside even the most sophisticated automation technologies.  Flatirons provides not only advanced products to support patent offices, but also human resources who understand the unique requirements of the domain, and provide accountable, efficient services to deliver a comprehensive solution for managing applications accurately, quickly, and at the lowest possible cost.

Flatirons Solutions and its Flatirons Jouve sister company Jouve SA have worked with the world’s largest patent offices for more than 25 years to provide a comprehensive, ever-evolving solution to help patent offices raise their level of service while processing ever-increasing application volumes.

Some of the world’s largest patent offices work with the Flatirons Jouve companies to support their important mission.


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