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Six Red Marbles Portal

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Higher Education, K-12 and corporate training institutions benefit from comprehensive, end-to-end publishing solutions

Six Red Marbles’ content development team has produced thousands of print and digital products for schools, publishers, universities and education service providers for over 20 years. We are capable of developing custom materials specializing in Learning Experience Design (LX) and educational services across the life cycle of a project – low-cost curriculum design, rapid prototyping, and technical enablement across multiple platforms. Six Red Marbles busts the traditional model of students, courses and assessment with innovative and mobilized, content development solutions.

Adapt Your Content at the Time of Need

Our Six Red Marbles team helps you on various stages thanks to its numerous areas of expertise:

  • Learning Experience Design™, a synthesis of instructional design, educational pedagogy, neuroscience, social sciences, design thinking, and UI/UX; gives you an edge over the competition. By identifying and testing product risks early in the development cycle—avoiding costly changes during the more expensive production phase, Six Red Marbles ensure the competitiveness of your Educational Content
  • Curriculum Content Development by working with leading PK-12 content development companies such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Holt McDougal, Brown Publishing Network, Little Brown & Company, Microsoft Press, Pearson, and Scholastic, as well as schools and start-ups.
  • UX/UI – Digital Media Design: The Digital Media Development team creates intuitive, engaging interfaces that allow learners to avoid frustrating technological hurdles and get straight to the learning experience.
  • Competency-based Learning or competency-based education (CBL) emphasizes the demonstration of industrial or enterprise training and a specific trainee’s mastery of skills. This student-centered approach is already disrupting enterprise, higher education and professional development practices as classrooms are blended with—or replaced by—a personalized learning model that requires the re-imagination of training content, assessments, and mobilized methods of engaging students.
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