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Develop and deliver technical training programs to keep your team proficient on highly complex assets

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Get Proficient, Stay Proficient

Flatirons helps aerospace, defense, high-tech manufacturing, and other organizations that require their staff to be proficient in the operation and maintenance of complex assets to develop and deliver training programs to on-board new employees quickly and keep existing staff up-to-speed with their technical skills.

Many industries today face an ongoing shortage of skilled labor. As your current team of senior engineers, technicians and other trained personnel retire from the workforce, their undocumented knowledge and experience goes with them. Your organization is challenged with the task of replacing an entire workforce. Flatirons offers comprehensive training program development for organizations in a variety of industries, including aerospace & aviation, high-tech manufacturing, energy, marine, and transportation.

All aspects of industry require training: technicians, pilots, mechanics, admins and general staff. The outcome of an untrained or poorly trained workforce is a diminished ability to deliver your current customers with the same caliber of efficient service of your now-retired staff. Eliminate the risk of a poorly trained workforce with outsourced training program development services from Flatirons. We offer a comprehensive solution to your organization’s need for affordable training programs for your new employees.


By developing high-quality training programs for both new staff and experienced team members, you can increase the proficiency and productivity of your team while helping to ensure smooth and safe operation of your products and complex equipment.

We help companies in capital-intensive, highly regulated industries capture the experiential knowledge of their senior staff to ensure your new staff can be brought up to speed quickly and effectively. Our services are ideal for companies without in-house training departments.

Reduced Time to Competency

Our best practices from the most current learning methodologies and reality-based, interactive simulations enable quick migration from training to practice.

Improved Productivity

Deliver learning opportunities that are available where and when they are needed – included on tablet devices – and readily accessible content that integrates easily into your daily procedures give your staff access to information in the course of performing tasks.

Insight into Training Investments

Our training includes assessment tools to identify individuals’ knowledge gaps and provide insight into the best options for continued instruction based on their specific requirements.

Get Started!

Contact us to learn more about our Training Solutions or to schedule a demo for your team.

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