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Turning Content

Into Knowledge®

We help clients & partners solve complex information management issues. Our solutions combine best-of-breed technology with trusted domain experts from mission-critical sectors like aviation manufacturing, airline operations, and defense operations.

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Make information more usable through integrations that bring context.


Automate complex business and operational processes.


Improve process compliance and decision support for your complex operations.


Systematically reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase compliance.


Flatirons Solutions develops state-of-the-art software and service solutions for organizations in capital-intensive, highly-regulated, and mission-critical work environments. For organizations that rely on timely, relevant insight to operate, our goal is to transform your information into accessible and actionable knowledge using powerful tools such as mobile technology, image processing, XML, 3D, multimedia, and a unique knowledge of the content domains in which we operate.

Our team’s deep experience gives us the ability to help your organization challenge the status quo. Flatirons provides the solutions that help your organization to deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people.

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