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What We Do

Application Management

Beyond hosting to turnkey maintenance, administration, and update

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Compelling Benefits of Turnkey Application Management

As businesses increasingly move to the cloud for more and more of their IT infrastructure, the day-to-day management of bespoke or specialized applications can become a challenge. Internal IT teams may no longer have the budget resources, the technical expertise, or the support staff required to provide responsive administration and management of complex enterprise applications.

Flatirons Solutions not only hosts, but also manages the administration, upgrades, patching, and continuity assurance for critical applications infrastructure used by a wide range of public sector and commercial customers. Our teams work with clients to ensure thorough knowledge transfer to ensure responsive management, and adherence to even the most stringent service level agreements (SLAs).


By working with Flatirons Solutions to host and manage your critical applications, you and your teams will enjoy all of the convenience of the cloud without giving up control and flexibility.


Our team manages mission critical applications for many organizations, and can commit to Service Level Agreements that provide far greater levels of performance and accountability.

Cost Effective

Flatirons Solutions has data centers, application management staff, and support resources worldwide. The scale of our operation allows us to price our application management services competitively, with a lower cost than most organization’s in-house teams.

Get Started!

Contact us to let us know how we can help. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can develop and deliver a solution for you.

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