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Custom Solutions

Flatirons Solutions provides strong aviation and defense domain expertise and technical acumen to deliver custom solutions to meet demanding business needs.

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Custom Solutions

Flatirons Solutions helps leading airlines, manufacturers, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul service providers achieve competitive advantage and leapfrog competitor capabilities through custom software solutions that advance the state of our industry. We partner with leaders in aviation and defense to provide tailored solutions that include work card systems, publication assembly and viewing platforms, and other content-intensive applications that are built to meet their unique business and technical requirements. With integrated consulting, engineering, SaaS hosting, and outsourced service capabilities, we bring end-to-end solution coverage assurance to our clients.

Flatirons Solutions is the leading OEM-independent provider of Content Lifecycle Management solutions for the aviation and defense industry. Our work with leading players in manufacturing, airline operations, and the military informs our approach to custom application requirements, bringing best practices and insights from our industry’s most successful players to bear in each solution that we develop. We leverage the latest technologies and industry standards in ways that are future-friendly, upgradeable, and supportable to ensure a strong Return on Investment (ROI) and the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Above and Beyond

Flatirons leverages a proven methodology to capture, validate, and refine even the most complex business and technical requirements and transform them into a solution that delivers strong long-term value. Our teams work with you and your company’s stakeholders in an agile, open, and transparent manner to give you visibility without complexity, incorporating new requirements as they emerge and delivering incrementally to reduce risk and demonstrate progress early and often.


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