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Digital Publishing

Achieve a higher standard in processing, producing and delivering content

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Digital publishing as a driver of growth

The digital shift requires reorganization, an overhaul of the entire editorial process, and changes to manufacturing processes. Editorial output can no longer be viewed as a finished product. Instead, we must now envisage all outputs and targets.

Flatirons Jouve specializes in producing multi-media content, covering the entire editorial process from content creation to paper or digital distribution. Our experts understand the process optimization and simplification possible with a full digital strategy transformation, allowing your teams to better optimize the design, production and management cycles of your editorial content. 

In addition to supporting the production side of digital publishing, out teams understand how new delivery mediums can better measure reader behavior and content comprehension. Analytics technologies allow publishers to understand their readers’ habits, an improve the quality of segmentation and response – helping to cater the reading experience for the reader and their objectives across a range of digital and print mediums.   

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