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Aviation MRO

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Maintenance and Tech Ops Solutions for MROs

Modern MROs face a broad set of content challenges—namely how to work efficiently with multi-vendor airframe, engine, and component technical content coming from a variety of customers. Content ranges from structured XML and 3D models to legacy PDFs—and it must all be used compliantly and efficiently to return aircraft to service as quickly as possible.

Today’s MROs face stiff competition from OEM after-market teams, airline MROs, and independent MROs. Working efficiently from a single, comprehensive, mobile source of technical information is vital to ensuring price competitiveness and maintainer productivity.

Empower Maintenance Providers with a Single Source of Maintenance and Tech Ops Data

Flatirons provides solutions for delivering dynamic maintenance and operating content to two of the world’s top five MROs and seven of the top 10 commercial airlines. We understand how to provide task performers in the field with the information they need to perform maintenance and repair tasks safely and economically.

Through software solutions like CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile, Flatirons Solutions provides MROs with the tools needed to service today’s most complex aircraft using a single system – supporting a wide range of formats, vendors, and content types with seamless navigation between ATA iSpec 2200, S1000D, and Spec 2300 content.


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