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Defense Manufacturers

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Solutions for Defense Manufacturers

Manufacturers of complex defense solutions often sell similar products into a wide range of programs. Customers require the technical publications that accompany their purchase to be built according to program-specific standards that add to the cost and complexity of sale and increase the time to market for the manufacturer.

CORENA Manufacturer from Flatirons Solutions provides defense OEMs with a complete solution for producing interactive, dynamic, and mobile technical publications that address customer requirements for timely, accurate, and interactive technical publications for maintaining, repairing, and operating their defense investments.

Make Tech Pubs a Competitive Differentiator, not a Cost of Doing Business

CORENA Manufacturer allows defense manufacturers to produce technical documentation that is compliant with a wide range of specifications (including multiple S1000D issues, DITA, Mil-Spec, iSpec 2200, and many others) to conform to a range of defense and commercial program requirements.

More importantly, the CORENA Manufacturer solution provides defense OEMs with tools to create, reuse, and assemble component content in ways that reduce the cost per publication, improve the usability of maintenance and operating documentation for customer end-users, and elevating mission readiness through content that is mobile and effective to the system being serviced.


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