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Defense Operators

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Solutions for Defense Forces

Defense operators of costly and powerful land, sea, and air assets are increasingly faced with conflicting operational constraints and objectives—more complex and costly weapon systems, reduced budgets to fund their operation, and a millennial workforce that is not well equipped to do “maintenance as usual” using legacy tools and methods.

The combination of these factors puts increased strain on maintenance and engineering teams, leading to lower levels of mission readiness, a higher cost of operation, and inefficient use of critical human resources.

Increase Mission Readiness and Efficiency

CORENA Fleet provides air, land, and sea defense forces with a comprehensive solution to help take control of the technical information needed to more efficiently maintain, repair, and operate complex vehicles and defense equipment.

The CORENA Fleet solution allows defense operators to author revisions to manufacturer maintenance and operating manuals and work cards and publish them on-demand to mobile users in the field.

By providing a single source for maintenance and operational tech pubs and the means to author revisions, CORENA Fleet supports both improved efficiencies and a continuous improvement culture critical to an effective defense force.


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