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Education and Learning

We have strong experience in turning content into knowledge for students

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Inventing new educational experiences

We offer print and digital production services, large-scale program/project management, as well as world-class editorial, content development, Learning Experience Design™, creative, and IT services for

  • K-12
  • Higher Education Institutions and Online Program Managers
  • Technical training for corporations

Over the past twenty years, we have researched, designed, and produced thousands of print and digital products for schools, publishers, start-ups, universities, and education services providers, winning multiple awards and rave reviews along the way. We’re 500 strong in the United States and India, supported by a global network of subject matter experts and technology contractors.

We offer a menu of services and can work with your existing team to complete select parts of a project you’re producing. Or if you prefer, we can handle the entire process from start to finish. 

Not just content

Publishers and educational institutions are responsible for devising large-scale digital projects, thus playing a key role in the digital transformation of education and teaching. In order to create and initiate new learning solutions or design intuitive user interfaces, they must adapt their paper and digital production services as well as their production and distribution technologies.

It is therefore essential for these operators to coordinate a large number of contributors (authors, publishers, etc.), optimize online publication of content for multi-channel distribution (web, paper, eBooks, etc.), and promote new publishing services such as the electronic school bag.

Flatirons Jouve helps publishers in the education market to create new educational experiences (Learning Experience Design™) and develop exclusive content and educational technology.

E-learning courses are structured differently to paper-based courses. Consequently, our experts offer innovative solutions to enhance content and the way it is accessed. Moreover, layouts are devised and data structured in accordance with authors’ original works.


Download our resources to learn more about our solutions, as well as how we’ve helped clients get the most of their content.

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Contact us to tell us more about your educational or learning programs. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can develop and deliver a solution for you.

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