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Flatirons Solutions increases the velocity and impact of technical content from creation to delivery

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Solutions for OEMs

The manufacture of state-of-the art equipment has always been hampered by the need to create and update technical content necessary for safe operation, maintenance and compliance. Our suite of software and solutions seamlessly manages these complexities from creation to mobile delivery to end-user operators and maintainers, allowing your team to focus on innovating.

Flatirons Solutions is well established among the world’s top aviation OEMs, and is at the forefront of the adoption of S1000D by rail and marine operators (as well as leaders in power generation) using standards like RailDex, ShipDex, and WindDex. We are uniquely positioned to provide software and service solutions that deliver 21st-century maintenance capabilities to in-service assets, as well as new generation fleets.

Technical Publication Lifecycle Management

Effective content lifecycle management for technical publications in compliance with regulatory standards is a unique challenge for the many industries. Flatirons creates solutions that are custom-fitted to the needs of your organization and its regulatory standards. Leveraging our CORENA Manufacturer solution increases operational efficiency and improves publication accuracy throughout the product lifecycle — turning content into knowledge. ®

Get Started!

Contact us to tell us more about your content lifecycle management challenges. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can develop and deliver a solution for you.

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