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We help patent offices meet growing demand through proven software and service solutions

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Proven Software and Service Solutions for Patent Offices

Flatirons Jouve has been structuring patent-related data for the world’s biggest offices for over 25 years. Having invested very early in R&D, the group developed a high-quality industrial and technological tool, combining process management and cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and semantic search.

As a long-time player supporting patent offices in some of the world’s most active markets, our group has built the world’s most robust solution for managing the growing volume of patent and trademark applications using a proven combination of innovative technologies and outsourced processing services.

Helping Support Improved Service Levels at Higher Volumes

We help some of the world’s largest patent offices accomplish their vital mission – protecting intellectual property rights to help promote innovation, support economic growth, and create an environment of healthy competition. Through our group’s proven Patent Management solution, we help patent offices accomplish their mission in a way that is not only more efficient, but that provides a higher level of service and a better experience to patent and trademark applicants.

Our group works with some of the world’s largest patent offices, as well as those representing smaller countries. We have more than 25 years of experience in understanding the complex content technology and process requirements of this important domain, and bring this expertise to every customer to help them raise their levels of service and support a growing volume of applications each year.

Get Started!

Contact us to tell us more about your Patent and IP management challenges. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can develop and deliver a solution for you.

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