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Public Sector

Flatirons Jouve creates solutions that bring proven commercial best practices to government agencies to improve operational efficiency.

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Flatirons Jouve partners with Federal agencies to deliver innovative solutions for SETA and content lifecycle management. Our solutions enable better management of technical content, drive insights from big data, and support strategic engineering programs.

Our team in Arlington has served the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) since 2001 by providing Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) services in support of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (Next Gen). We support critical missions and deliver results, providing insights from the private sector combined with an understanding of the federal government and its unique needs.

Flatirons Jouve is also working on strategic project for the European Union, where we process more than 500,000 notices published each year in the Official Journal.


Total Control of Critical Content

Flatirons Jouve’s track record of support, value, and minimized risk for the FAA, VA and EPA stretch back over 10 years.

In Europe, Flatirons Jouve has been helping the public sector for over 20 years with its key priorities for modernization, from the consultancy phases right through to the implementation and running of specific solutions.

We provide all government agencies with cost effective, efficient systems and software engineering expertise. Our various skillsets and service capabilities make our consulting practice an effective part of any government program.


Learn more about Flatirons Jouve’s experience providing technical information management solutions for Federal Agencies and Government organizations with these downloadable resources.

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