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Transportation Manufacturers

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Solutions for Rail Maintenance and Operations Content

Manufacturers of complex assets like trains, trucks, ships, and buses support a customer base that is increasingly demanding about the type of technical information that accompanies their product purchase.

The days of the static PDFs or print maintenance manual are fading, and today’s customers expect to be able to maintain their investments using a mobile maintenance solution that puts the information needed to performance maintenance or repair at the technician’s fingertips.

Make Tech Pubs a Competitive Differentiator, not a Cost of Doing Business

The CORENA Suite of software solutions by Flatirons Solutions was designed for the unique maintenance and operating documentation needs of large asset industries and was refined through five successive generations of development in aviation prior to being deployed to other large asset industries like rail, marine, energy, automotive, and high-tech manufacturing.

CORENA Suite solutions like CORENA Manufacturer provide manufacturers with full content lifecycle capabilities for authoring, revising, publishing, and distributing interactive, XML-powered maintenance manuals using specifications like DITA that provide serial number effectivity, improve technician productivity, and provide quicker return to service.


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