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  • Making airline and defense engineering teams

    be more productive

    By providing a single, mobile source to all of the technical manuals and work cards needed to maintain multi-vendor fleets, engines, and components. Our solutions help airlines and defense force operators to drastically improve maintenance efficiency, for lower costs and quicker return to service.

  • Helping aviation and defense manufacturers

    deliver better products

    Our solutions are used by OEMs to produce maintenance content vital to ensuring that program partners and end-customers get information that is interactive, accurate, and timely. By producing content that is compliant with industry specifications, our solutions help OEMs make their technical content a source of competitive differentiation.

  • Empowering flight, cabin, and gate crews to

    provide superior service

    Flatirons provides solutions for Flight Ops that allow pilots, flight crews, cabin crews, and gate / ramp staff to have the latest approved policies and procedures needed for compliant operations at their fingertips.

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Expert at Turning Content into Knowledge®

We have spent more than 25 years helping manufacturers and operators manage complex aviation content to achieve higher levels of maintenance and flight ops productivity, improved asset utilization, and more compliant operations.

Our Trusted Clients

We dream big

We are passionate about making a difference in the world, and about advancing the state of our industry through innovative solutions. Our vision pushes us to always do better, and to continually raise the bar.

We support each other

We work to ensure that all of the members of our team feel empowered, fully supported, and equipped to do their jobs. We believe in promoting an environment that is safe, nurturing, and that allows our team mates to grow personally and professionally.

We challenge the status quo

In all that we do, we look for ways to innovate, see new opportunities, and think outside the box. We are self-driven and autonomous, and work hard to promote a culture that values independent and creative thinking.

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