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Aerospace companies often face a common challenge: controlling rising costs to capture, manage, and distribute the technical information required to utilize their complex assets effectively. Primarily, this is caused by evolving technical information exchange standards that demand the support of multiple specifications—such as ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D. We address those challenges head-on with aviation authoring services optimized for your business. Leverage our services to develop and maintain technical publications with outsourced technical authoring, illustration, Hot Spotting, and Inline 3D procedures.


Extend Your Team’s Training and Tech Pubs Capabilities

We provide technical authoring and illustration services for some of the world’s largest aerospace OEMs and high-tech manufacturers. We help our customers become more agile, efficient, and customer-focused by supporting new program requirements, incorporating new specs, and managing fluctuations in workload.

Our worldwide team works at all levels of the aviation content ecosystem and understands the best practices required to deliver accurate and compliant content with industry specs. Our engineers, authors, and illustrators are experts in applying the latest data standards such as S1000D, iSpec 2200, Mil-Spec, and proprietary specifications to real-world environments. Our S1000D authoring capabilities are among the industry’s most advanced.

Today’s capital-intensive and highly regulated industries demand dynamic technical publications management throughout the content lifecycle. Poorly managed technical information can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Our aviation authoring services scale up or down to help your department meet the challenges of new programs or products, with solutions to support a single engagement or a long-term strategic partnership.


Enjoy Significant Improvements

By leveraging our Flatirons Managed Content Services, you can expect to see improvements across your organization.

New Authoring Technology

Flatirons comprehensively addresses the challenges of technical authoring & illustration. Our deep understanding and experience of the aerospace ecosystem drive our technology development, which benefits your organization without the capital outlay or the added burden of licensing and hosting. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Compliant Content On-Demand

Our teams are based worldwide and have resource and load-sharing capabilities to allow our authors to scale up or scale down their efforts to support your organization’s technical authoring and illustration needs.

Added End-User Value

You constantly need to improve customer service via faster and more efficient updates to technical documentation. We deliver your organization these improvements through our automated processes and innovative S1000D and iSpec 2200 services and by extending the reach of our technology ecosystem to the end-users of your content.


We Got It Handled

We work with many types of maintenance and technical operations ops documentation and manuals, including:

  • Flight Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Service Information
  • Installation Procedures
  • Service Bulletins
  • Test Procedures
  • Training Manuals
  • Work Cards
  • Operational Manuals


Go with the Experts

Our technical publications authoring and illustration are different from traditional outsourcing, focused on lowering labor costs. We aim to provide high-quality content based on our deep domain expertise, technical information management software, and business process automation.
As the complexity of managing technical publications throughout their content lifecycle increases, your organization needs a solution that meets that challenge. Our approach to outsourced technical authoring & illustration (including comprehensive S1000D services and technology support) aligns with regulatory requirements while achieving measurable and significant cost savings over time.

Increase Accuracy

We empower technicians by blending the power of our technology and the expertise of our content specialists to deliver a unique platform-based service solution. This increased accuracy allows for streamlined knowledge management processes and valued context for end users. In short, our solution enables the delivery of the correct information, to the right people, at the right time.

Raise Quality

Our outsourced authoring solution ensures a repeatable process that is right the first time, every time. We improve the quality of technical content, leading to a reduction of reworking, compliance issues, and user queries. This reduces the total cost of authoring operations and significantly improves document turnaround times.

Reduce Costs

Increased accuracy and quality contribute to a reduced total cost of technical publications operations, but the savings don’t stop there. Our solution can scale elastically to cope with the peaks and valleys of your operation. We enable your organization to grow without pacing with technology, data standards, and fleet evolution. We take the hassle out of technical publications.


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