Bring your New and Legacy Programs Together in Single Technical Publications Solution


Increase Efficiency and Lower Costs

Aerospace manufacturers who deliver to commercial and defense industries must comply with both S1000D and iSpec2200 specifications. Flatirons Knowledge Center for Manufacturers simultaneously supports multiple specs within a single system, ensuring lower costs, higher efficiency, and improved data reuse and quality.


Flatirons Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs

The Challenge

The challenge in the industry is that some manufacturers have a vast amount of legacy iSpec2200 data, which is maintained in legacy, custom-built, and past-end-of-life solutions. At the same time, they need newer solutions to handle S1000D data for the more recent platforms and programs. A large global manufacturer was in this predicament and found that they were paying too much for maintaining multiple systems. They also noticed that their production efficiency had dropped since data was stored in isolated and unrelated systems with no ability to share data.


The Solution

Fortunately for the manufacturer, they found Flatirons Knowledge Center for Manufacturers (KCM). Their legacy iSpec2200 systems were highly customized and had a high cost of ownership. However, with KCM, they could get a solution that natively handled content for both iSpec2200 and S1000D. The users of the system can work with the data from a single user interface. Data is shared between the publications regardless of which specification they were authoring. In addition, cross-publication referencing between S1000D and iSpec2200 data is bi-directionally supported by KCM.


Get All the Specs You Need at Your Fingertips

Reduce the cost of solution ownership with a single, modern multi-spec supporting product

Improve efficiency and reduce human errors by working in a single system with one user interface regardless of publication types and industry spec

Improve data quality and reduce the risk of errors by reusing data from common pools (e.g., parts) between publications regardless of industry spec

I achieved higher productivity and efficiency gains with a single source of specs with Flatirons Knowledge Center because I no longer had to maintain two separate specifications systems.


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