Enhance OEM Data Without Having to Deal with XML


Quickly Author and Supplement OEM Data

As an MRO, you care about maintaining your client’s equipment in accordance with regulations as fast as possible to maximize profit. In your work, you might have observed areas for efficiency improvement in the OEM procedures, or you’ve wanted to add your steps and supplements., but you could never change the OEM content without committing to a full-blown XML authoring solution. So, how can you author and supplement OEM data without dealing with XML?


Optimize OEM Maintenance Procedures by Incorporating Your MRO Best Practices

The Challenge

An MRO customer who services engines from the Engine Manufacturer (OEM) only had “read-only” input. However, during their maintenance operations, the technicians relied on MRO best practices and efficiency optimizations whose information was contained in separate documents. These documents were always attached as supplemental information to the printed work orders and work packages and delivered with the OEM maintenance procedure. The challenge was digitally getting the MRO best practices information into work packages to streamline the maintenance operation procedures.


The Solution

The good news was that the OEM adopted Flatirons Pinpoint. Our MRO client was able to leverage the authoring features in Pinpoint to add their best practices directly to the OEM maintenance manual. They were able to:

  • Author changes and notes
  • Add supplements and temporary revisions
  • Add private/team annotations to the procedures

The changes were visible to the MRO and did not impact the OEM data. And when the OEM published a revision to the manual, the MRO was able to compare the OEM and MRO changes and easily integrate the changes as needed.


Always Stay One Step Ahead of Your Technical Content

Supplement the content published by the OEM with your own best practices, temporary revisions, and inline annotations on text and graphics

Enhance the content published by the OEM and add your operational experience to optimize maintenance activities. Eliminate the need to work with XML data by authoring in the viewer’s HTML editor

Reconcile the changes you have made (authoring, supplements) when you receive a new OEM revision to make sure nothing gets lost

Thanks to Flatirons Pinpoint, I easily incorporated our MRO Best Practices into the OEM maintenance manuals, so everything our technicians needed to service aircraft was contained in one place—from notes to supplemental content to annotations.


Get Started with Flatirons

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