Control and Manage Your Maintenance Information and Task Execution for Your ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D Fleets

Automate. Visualize. Transform.


Get a Comprehensive Set of Tools to Manage Your Everyday Maintenance Operations

Airlines have invested in Flatirons Technical Content Management Solutions for nearly 30 years. Our Flatirons Fleet Pro Edition is a cloud-based subscription service that features a suite of application modules designed to address mixed-fleet and multi-spec operators’ unique maintenance content challenges. It provides complete and streamlined management of extensive multi-OEM and multi-spec data sets—ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D. Fleet Pro gives aircraft operators full control of their technical data for all fleets, engines, and components and manages that information in one place for improved maintenance productivity.


Get Content Management, Interactive Publications, and Process Management in a Single End-to-End Solution


How to Maximize Aircraft Utilization

In a highly competitive and heavily regulated industry, airlines must maximize the utilization of their aircraft while ensuring safety, compliance, and profitability. It costs airlines money every minute a plane is parked at a gate out of service or remains in a hanger overnight for maintenance. Technicians need to stay productive and turn around aircrafts with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. But how can you do it with the numerous airplane configurations and tons of technical data?


Arm Your Technicians with the Information They Need

The Flatirons Fleet Pro Edition empowers technicians to find the right information at the right time to get aircraft back into revenue-generating service rapidly.

Author and revise OEM or internally generated maintenance content; capture new and revised content from OEMs in ATA iSpec 2200 or S100D

Automate the content revision and reconciliation process to reduce errors, facilitate regulatory compliance, and deliver accurate, up-to-date information to technicians faster

Import, revise, and deliver the latest up-to-date maintenance task cards

Release information on-demand in either ATA iSpec 2200 or S1000D to mobile or desktop clients using XHTML, PDF, or print-optimized formats


Something for Everyone: Always have access to the Information You Need—When and Wherever You Need it

For Maintenance Technicians

Deliver timely, relevant, customized, and accurate information where and when it is needed for more effective repair and maintenance performance

For IT Departments

Deploy a technical information management solution that doesn’t require a considerable capital expenditure or tie up an IT budget

For Finance and Procurement

Rapidly reduce costs and increase revenue with the industry-leading, cost-effective solution from a field-tested partner with a demonstrated history of success


Support for Existing and New-Generation Aircraft

Flatirons supports ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D sets of information standards in a single solution, helping you meet evolving requirements while reducing costs and complexity.

The Fleet Pro Edition supports the most extensive Fleet and Engine publication types across many major manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, GE, Rolls Royce, Safran/CFM, and Pratt & Whitney. We enable you to consolidate your technical information management requirements into a single system.


Elevating Intelligent Content & Workflow Management in Your Maintenance Operations


Flatirons Pinpoint module: An advanced IETP viewer that provides seamless, single-system access to airframe, engine, and component publications
Flatirons eTaskcard module: Technicians can access and complete work cards on mobile devices via an electronic inbox/work queue and electronic sign-off features


Flatirons Studio module: XML-based content creation platform that combines native support for widely-adopted aviation specifications, including iSpec 2200, 2300, S1000D, and Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)


Flatirons Insight module: Business Process Management (BPM) tool that enhances operational efficiency by providing greater visibility of every step of the workflow process from the point of introduction of any change request analysis, approval process, re-route, and activity reassignment


Flatirons Knowledge Center module: Powerful CMS that manages content at a more granular level than the document level, allowing users to track not only versions of content but also multifaceted relationships among topics, graphics, publications, and other regulated content


Efficiently Design and Deliver Content for Your Fleet Technical Information

Simplify complex authoring and revision management for today’s widely adopted fleet technical information specifications using Flatirons Knowledge Center. Airlines can streamline content processes for maintenance manuals, programs, engineering documents, and other technical publications. Flatirons improves the process for assembling, editing, and delivering standard and custom technical publications for various specialized formats and output channels.


Author S1000D- and ATA-compliant Content in a Word-like Editor

Get a powerful XML content authoring platform with Flatirons Studio that combines native support for widely adopted technical specifications, including iSpec 2200 and 2300, S1000D, and DITA. Studio provides technical authors with a feature-rich, WYSIWYG, guided XML editing environment that is easy to install, use, and configure.
Major airlines use Studio to edit OEM XML content such as AMMs, IPCs, WDMs, and task cards to create new XML content such as company manuals.


Simplify and Drive Business Process Adherence

Get a comprehensive workflow tool designed to manage publications revision processes, forms, and eTaskCard execution with the Flatirons Insight module. Users can model their current paper or email-based processes into a digital and automated workflow process. Insight utilizes a real-time analytics tool and provides a complete audit trail to ensure that an organization has full visibility into its complex business processes. Insight also captures and archives all processes and data points from the workflow in next-generation predictive analytics.


Modernize with the Best Aerospace Maintenance Viewer

With Flatirons Pinpoint, you can view online and offline technical content in a single platform and device agnostic viewer to access and navigate data across fleets, manufacturers, components, and document types. Whether S1000D or ATA 2200, Pinpoint uses intelligent content to create an unprecedented viewing experience.

Empower your maintenance and engineering teams to access the most up-to-date content in real-time and drive your end users to the specific content they need with greater speed.

Pinpoint provides all the information your users need to perform their tasks efficiently with features such as “on-the-fly” applicability filtering, intuitive searching tools, and in-line expansion of embedded references. You benefit from including public and private annotations and links to supplemental content, such as temporary revisions, technical guidance, training aids, and videos. Users can also access 3D content and decision-based maintenance procedures, enabling your organization to be future-proof as the industry evolves.


Streamline Your Work Package Process with Interactive Electronic Task Cards

Efficiently execute work orders with Flatirons eTaskcard with workflow, process, and forms features. Get the added benefits of form-based non-routine task card creation, custom processes, and exported PDFs of Executed Work Orders/Task Cards. You also can add other form functionality, such as technician and inspector sign-off, additional comments, capture and attach photos, and complete required data fields).

eTaskcard Integrates with leading manufacturer Enterprise Resource Planning EPR and maintenance scheduling systems helping ensure that your existing investments are fully utilized and preserved. Connect to Flatirons Insight analytics for running reports on work order execution; Flatirons Pinpoint for viewing AMM content within eTaskcard; and Flatirons Knowledge Center to manage content.


Need Just the Interactive Publication with Simple Editing Capabilities?

We offer the Flatirons Fleet Edition if you don’t need the full-service capabilities. Fleet Edition allows airlines to revise and deliver the latest maintenance documents to desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Local inline editing (data enrichment or augmentation) from the Pinpoint viewer allows you to easily modify SGML/XML versions of key manuals like the AMM, EMM, CMM, and the AIPC/EIPC to capture and distribute your maintenance best practices and operational experience to your entire workforce. By offering single-system access to the information needed to service multi-manufacturer aircraft, engines, and components, Flatirons Fleet is the ideal cloud-based, cost-effective offering for airline maintenance organizations.


Tailor-Made to Meet Your Requirements

The Flatirons Fleet solution comes in two editions—Fleet Edition and Fleet Pro Edition—and is configured to meet your airline’s specific needs.

TARGET USERS Flatirons Fleet Edition

Ideal for Small- to Medium-sized airlines who desire simple editing capabilities
Flatirons Fleet Pro Edition

Ideal for Large-sized airlines who desire a complete end-to-end solution
Flatirons Pinpoint with Inline Editing X
Flatirons Pinpoint Mobile/Desktop (Interactive Viewing) X X
Flatirons Knowledge Center X
Flatirons Studio X
Flatirons Insight X
Flatirons eTaskCard X


Do More with Flatirons

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