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Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time to the Right People

The Flatirons MRO Edition manages aerospace technical information to meet the specific needs of technicians and maintenance workers in maintenance repair organizations.

Airlines and MRO repair stations use the Flatirons Suite of products to manage their end-to-end content lifecycle management of technical manuals, libraries, engineering orders, service bulletins, task cards, and visit packages. You always get the right information at the right time to the right people.


Elevate Your Maintenance Game

Author new task cards, Engineering Orders (EOs), and Engineering Authorizations (EAs) using maintenance manual content (AMM, CMM, or EMM) as an initial content source.

Quickly deploy eTaskcard to efficiently execute line maintenance logbook tasks and maintenance program work packages.

Consolidate technical data and view task cards from all OEMs onto a single viewing and execution platform using Flatirons Pinpoint.

Get access to the latest approved maintenance, engineering, and company manual documentation for your assets, aircraft fleets, engines, and components on any device type via Flatirons Pinpoint and Pinpoint Mobile.

Use the MRO Edition’s built-in features for defining maintenance program details to generate work packages or integrate with the leading manufacturer Enterprise Resource Planning EPR and Computerized Maintenance Management and Scheduling (CMMS) systems to ensure your existing investments are fully utilized and preserved.

Auto-generate work cards using maintenance manual source material through Flatirons eTaskcard’s rich feature capabilities

Simplify and automate the process of work card creation and tie work card updates to ongoing revisions of airframe, component, and engine maintenance manuals.

Improve the accuracy and productivity of inspectors, technicians, planners, and engineers through eTaskcard

Save valuable time by creating on-the-spot, non-routine cards via mobile devices, capturing and attaching photos using a tablet/mobile camera, and automatically adding the new work scope to the evaluation queue with a single tool.

Monitor visit progress with unprecedented detail and perspective when work sign-off is captured digitally and in near real-time with eTaskcard

Dynamically create task assignments and adjustments to the overall schedule

Improve productivity over costly paper-based processes and increase overall asset utilization.

Track adherence to all maintenance program requirements through compliance reporting capabilities.


How to Achieve Optimal Maintenance Performance

Modern airlines and MRO businesses understand that the ability to manage time-dependent, mission-critical content and information has a significant impact on turn times, labor productivity, and hangar asset utilization. But today’s environment presents a host of challenges:

  • The ability to support information exchange standards for both existing and new-generation fleets
  • Demands by OEMs to use multiple proprietary systems
  • Reliance on legacy ERP and MRO systems that no longer support industry information management standards
  • Inaccurate and inconsistent information resulting from the increasing complexities of multiple authoring and content management systems, various document types and formats, and numerous delivery mechanisms


Improve Productivity by Putting Content in the Hands of Engineers at the Point of Maintenance

With industry-leading features and a track deployment record at some of the world’s largest operators, Flatirons MRO Edition is the obvious choice for MRO repair stations looking to make content a differentiator, not a cost.

Engineering projects

Create collections of engineering job cards to accomplish required inspections and modifications using intuitive Web forms.

Maintenance Visit Management

Import maintenance visit requirements from existing scheduling systems.

Automatically assemble required job cards based on visit requirements.

Batch print maintenance visits to system printers using the included print management server.

Build, assemble, and launch the execution of printed or electronic work packages.

Electronically sign-off and track work card completion.

Coordinated access panel open/close.

Auto-populate access to panel cards during visit creation—only panels required for that visit will be listed, along with the list of job cards requiring access through that panel

Tasks and job cards

Maintenance program tasks
Work in an intuitive, browser-based environment to create, edit, search, and report on tasks to establish and maintain approved maintenance programs.

Job cards
Create, edit, and search job cards used to perform routine maintenance. Reuse content from manuals and other work cards to eliminate duplication and increase efficiency.

Electronically sign-off and track work card completion to improve productivity and reduce the cost of printing, scanning, and storing hard copies. Supplement electronic sign-off with valuable user feedback provided in data field entries. Instantly create non-routine tasks and automatically carry forward and track accomplishment and reconciliation.

Service Bulletins

Convert SB work sections into job cards to eliminate re-keying of instructional content.


Power Up your Operations with eTaskcard


Access your Content, No Matter Where you are

The Flatirons MRO Edition can be configured to your individual needs with some or all of the following modules:


Streamline Workflow Creation and Management

Flatirons Insight provides a comprehensive workflow tool to manage publications revision processes, forms, and eTaskCard execution. Insight enables users to model their current paper or email-based processes into a digital and automated workflow process. Insight utilizes a real-time analytics tool and provides a complete audit trail to ensure that an organization has full visibility into its complex business processes. Insight also captures and archives all processes and data points from the workflow in next-generation predictive analytics.


Easily View Data from Any Mobile Device, Kiosk, or Desktop

Bring in data from multiple OEMs, sent in various versions of S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200. You can publish this data as-is or author your changes, add supplements, and make quick revisions. You can then decide when and with whom you want to share this data in your ecosystem. The application can be delivered to your end user in different formats, from a hosted SaaS application to a local deployment or shipping a zip file on a memory stick to your maintenance team.


Reduce the Complexity of Task Card Management with a Complete Digital Solution

Flatirons eTaskcard is a digital technical operations module that allows airlines and MROs to import, revise, and deliver the latest maintenance task cards. The eTaskcard solution provides rich features for auto-generating work cards using maintenance manual source material. Easily customize your data with direct local edit of maintenance manuals and eTaskcards using the Pinpoint viewer. This process simplifies and automates much of the work card creation process, and ties work card updates to ongoing revisions of airframe, equipment, component, and engine maintenance manuals. By combining the world’s most innovative tech ops solution with a robust mobile viewer and electronic sign-off, eTaskcard provides operators with a powerful new tool for driving productivity improvements and eliminating the cost and waste associated with printing work packages on paper.


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