Simplify Ordering


Expedite Aircraft Servicing

When servicing aircrafts, technicians want the assurance that the correct part is ordered for the type of aircraft being serviced. With the Flatirons Pinpoint Shopping Cart feature, you can ensure proper part installations by applying intuitive applicability filters that only provide access to appropriate parts for a specific aircraft, engine, or component in your fleet. You can also quickly check inventory and order parts directly from the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) with a single click. This increases efficiency and saves time, and helps prevent regulatory non-compliance issues.


Streamline the Applicability Validation and Parts Ordering Process

The Challenge

One of the largest global airlines launched a program to improve the process of identifying and ordering the appropriate part for each aircraft in its fleet. They found the parts research and selection process to be a complicated and time-consuming exercise that their technical staff executed hundreds of times daily. Their goal was to enhance safety and prevent inappropriate part installations.


The Solution

The airline searched for a suitable solution to streamline the ordering process, and selected Flatirons Pinpoint with their Shopping Cart feature. By using the intuitive applicability filtering feature built into Pinpoint, maintenance technicians could quickly find the correct parts from the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) for the specific aircraft configuration they were servicing. Furthermore, the airline was able to accurately check part inventory and expedite the ordering process by integrating Pinpoint with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The airline directly incorporated the Pinpoint shopping cart icon into the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). Now, technicians can check the parts inventory in real-time and place their orders without logging into a separate application. The airline provided its maintenance technicians with the tools to improve productivity and prevent non-compliant parts installations.


Get Your Aircraft Back in the Air Faster

Save time and enhance safety by streamlining the ordering process and ensuring the appropriate part for each aircraft is correctly ordered

Install the appropriate part every time by using the intuitive IPC applicability filtering features built into Pinpoint

Integrate the IPC with your ERP to check real-time parts inventory, and with a single click, place your order without logging into a separate application

Time is money, and getting an aircraft serviced and back in the air is a top priority. Flatirons Pinpoint Shopping Cart allows us to install the correct serviceable parts every time with the peace of mind knowing that safety and regulatory compliance is adhered to always.


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