Optimize Your S1000D Publication Management Process

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Introduce Cost-Savings to Your Tech Pubs Programs with Timely, High-Quality Information Delivery

OEMs and operators of complex assets face increasingly complex requirements around technical content over the long product lifecycle. Our Flatirons Manufacturer Edition addresses the technical publications challenges of a complex equipment program. It is tailored to aerospace and defense OEMs’ 21st-century technical information requirements, subject to increasingly complicated equipment lifecycles and diverse compliance and cost reduction demands.

Our Manufacturer Edition integrates with existing in-house systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, allowing you to easily access the reusable source material. Flatirons delivers tech pubs data to users and systems more quickly and accurately.


Ensure Effective Management of Technical Information Throughout Its Lifecycle

The Flatirons Manufacturer Edition is designed to simplify multi-spec, multi-format delivery requirements. For example, you can develop S1000D specification content and publish it to a common library without converting your existing legacy ATA iSpec2200 or PDF manuals into S1000D. By supporting the mixing of data spec types, Flatirons Manufacturer Edition allows you to link S1000D content across different specification editions, link to ATA iSpec2200, or even to unstructured content like PDFs without having to convert all your manuals to a single specification. Seamlessly search and link across manuals published in different specifications formats.

If you require assistance, Flatirons can convert your legacy data to the latest specification of choice and migrate your data into our Manufacturer Edition by using custom migration code, standard config kits, proprietary builders, and manual formatting services.

The result?

  • Reduced IT and training costs
  • Increased information consistency
  • Faster revisions
  • Better collaboration between partners, programs, and customer operators
  • Boosted top-line revenue and bottom-line profit


Automate So You Can Innovate


Achieve Productivity Gains and Transform Faster

By using Flatirons Manufacturer Edition, OEMs can reduce the complexity of technical information management and increase the quality, marketability, and value of manufactured goods for end-users and partners.


Reducing the Complexities of Technical Information Management

The Flatirons Manufacturer Edition can be configured to your individual needs with the following modules


Simplify and Drive Business Process Adherence

Flatirons Insight provides a comprehensive workflow tool to manage publications revision processes, forms, and eTaskCard execution. Insight enables users to model their current paper or email-based processes into a digital and automated workflow process. Insight utilizes a real-time analytics tool and provides a full audit trail to ensure that an organization has complete visibility into its complex business processes. Insight also captures and archives all processes and data points from the workflow in next-generation predictive analytics.


Take Control of the OEM Data for your Maintenance Operations

With Flatirons Pinpoint, you get the industry-leading IETP/IETM viewer and portal product designed to run under various deployment conditions, like on- and offline usage, server-based, and stand-alone deployments supported on both desktop and mobile devices. The out-of-the-box product efficiently supports a variety of industries and specifications for both military and commercial applications. It allows you to easily update its content with minimum production delays for the end users. As an OEM, you can expand your aftermarket business through the built-in shopping cart functionality for parts and services, as well as through the portal mode where you, at your discretion, can introduce subscription and payment schemes for access to your data.

You can publish data as-is or author changes, add supplements, and make quick revisions. You can decide when and with whom you want to share this data in your ecosystem. The application can be delivered to your end user in different formats, from a hosted SaaS application to a local deployment or shipping a zip file on a memory stick to your maintenance team.

With Pinpoint and Pinpoint Mobile, you can publish work instructions into an MRO environment and display maintenance instructions to your customers or to MROs who maintain your equipment.


Put Mobile Electronic Maintenance Task Execution at Your Fingertips

For OEMs who maintain their equipment, you can deploy eTaskcards and display maintenance instructions to your customers with Pinpoint and Pinpoint Mobile as an added value. Flatirons eTaskcard is a digital technical operations module that allows OEMs to deliver the latest maintenance task cards to desktop and mobile device viewers and provide their customers a significant added value. The eTaskcard solution offers OEMs rich features for auto-generating work cards using maintenance manual source material. By combining the world’s most innovative tech ops solution with a robust mobile viewer and electronic sign-off, eTaskcard provides operators with a powerful new tool for driving productivity improvements and eliminating the cost and waste associated with printing work packages on paper.


Seamlessly Integrate with Arbortext Editor

The Flatirons Knowledge Center CSDB includes out-of-the-box integration with Arbortext editor V.6.0/6.1 or later. The world’s most widely-adopted XML editor combined with the Flatirons Manufacturer Edition provides technical authors with a feature-rich environment that supports configurability for authoring and task personalization. The integrated solution dramatically improves XML authoring productivity so that OEMs can reduce the cost of XML content creation, maintenance, and delivery.

And by allowing authors to view, search, retrieve, and deposit information seamlessly from within their authoring environment, Flatirons Integration with Arbortext editor improves productivity, higher levels of content accuracy, and a more pleasant user experience.


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