Enhance Your Critical Data


Update Your Manuals with Critical Information

Aerospace technical publications organizations must author and manage a vast amount of information daily and keep up with the ever-changing regulatory requirements. With Flatirons Pinpoint Supplemental Content feature, tech pubs authors can add supplemental information directly into Flatirons Pinpoint instead of using a content management system to revise the XML.

You can also enhance regulatory compliance by allowing maintenance technicians to see customizable, easily identified icons that alert them to critical supplemental data such as Required Inspection Items (RII), CMMs, training videos, or company directives. This data is easily accessed right from the applicable maintenance task. Airline technicians can improve maintenance efficiency with access to supplemental information readily available at their fingertips.


Keep up with Regulatory Compliance Requirements

The Challenge

The dynamic pace of the Airline industry makes it challenging to keep up with the multitude of constantly changing regulatory requirements from many governing organizations. Because of the changing regulatory requirements, a major global airline was unable to focus on completing all requirements of critical airworthiness tasks and lost the ability to communicate essential real-time information quickly.


The Solution

For critical tasks, the airline enhanced its regulatory compliance with the Flatirons Pinpoint Supplemental Content feature. By drawing attention to Required Inspection Items (RII) and Airworthiness Directives (AD) with customized icons, the airline effectively communicated all high-priority regulatory tasks to their technicians.

Inserting icons and links to crucial supplemental content allowed technicians to quickly view critical RII and AD tasks within procedures requiring additional inspection and sign-off before completion. This resulted in a fast, real-time push of temporary revisions to their technicians and more effective communication by enriching their technical data with supplemental training aids and video links. Ultimately, Flatirons Pinpoint Supplemental Content feature enabled the airline to improve regulatory compliance.


Enhance Safety and Avoid Regulatory Non-Compliance

Enhance regulatory compliance by calling attention to new supplemental content through customize icons for RIIs and ADs

Easily add supplemental information without having to use a content management system and editor to revise the XML

Quickly upload Temporary Revisions and improve maintenance efficiency with supplemental information such as Alert Icons, CMMs, Training Videos, or Company Directives

Keeping up with aerospace regulatory compliance has never been easier with Flatirons Pinpoint Supplemental Content feature. We’ve added content without the need for XML,­­­ and our technicians love the customizable icons that alert them to important additional information.


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