Digitizing Paper-based Work Packages


From Paper to Digital Task Cards and Forms

Any given job/visit/work package comprises a series of task cards. It also can include several forms, such as a job request, tools inventory, or a list of materials and spares. Contained within the task card are references to the maintenance manual procedures. While keeping track of these work cards in a spreadsheet can be done, it can be a daunting process, and maintenance of these cards can be overwhelming when dealing with regulatory changes.

Flatirons eTaskCard turns paper-based work packages into a digital process that is tracked, signed off, and maintained. Each card or form is designed in our forms editor. The fields pull data from a predefined list of values or a list of values from a 3rd party application (e.g., Maintenance Management System, ERP, Part Ordering system, etc.). References to the maintenance manual is a URL link, whether you are using Flatirons viewer or any other tool.

The work packages can then be assigned to maintenance teams, worked on by one or multiple technicians, and signed by mechanics, inspectors, and shift leads as the work happens. The card’s execution then automatically feeds a KPI and reporting engine that allows your leadership to get a live view of the progress of your maintenance operations.


Flatirons Delivers 21st-Century Digital Work Packages

The Challenge

An MRO customer for one of the largest engine OEMs in the world had a team of experts authoring work packages (task cards and forms) in a digital environment. When receiving a work request, they would print the entire package to paper and assign it to the maintenance team to perform that work. Each step is signed and stamped on paper. Once the work package was complete, the papers were scanned and archived digitally and physically. This proved to be a time-consuming process in creating the work packages and maintaining these documents.


The Solution

Flatirons stepped in with a solution for the 21st Century. Flatirons eTaskCard addressed their challenges and transitioned the work package process from paper to digital. Through the Flatirons platform, the MRO was able to author their cards and forms, link to their maintenance manuals, and capture the information they needed during the execution of the work.

Data was pulled dynamically from 3rd party systems, and signatures were captured electronically by entering a PIN (FAA approved for production use). The application automatically fed both the Maintenance Management Systems and the KPI/work progress indicators as the work was completed.

Mechanics and inspectors collaborated and worked on the same task card simultaneously. They were able to sign off on their own or shared tablet and ensure shift changes happened smoothly with a very clear hand-off. Flatirons allowed for each step to be signed or deferred. And if necessary, it generated a non-routine activity that was added to the work package automatically.

The MRO significantly reduced the amount of time to create these work packages and had an electronic paper trail of each task card.


Going Digital Never Made So Much Sense

Organize Your Task Cards

Create electronic task cards, assemble them into work packages, and supplement the work packages by creating non-routine cards

Quickly Obtain Sign-Off on the Same Device

Work concurrently with multiple mechanics on the same card and sign each step using a pin. Get sign-off from the inspector on the same device/tablet as the work is completed

Never Lose Your Place

Link each step of your task card to the corresponding maintenance procedure

Using paper task cards used to be a complex and unmanageable situation as the number of aircraft we had to service increased dramatically. Since switching over to an electronic task card system, we’ve reduced the time to create work packages. Our technicians’ productivity increased with easy access to maintenance manuals and electronic sign-offs.


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