Turning Content

Into Knowledge®

Flatirons Solutions® provides content lifecycle management solutions that transform your complex data into actionable information, driving measurably higher productivity, asset utilization, and compliance levels.

Multi-Spec Solution

Integrate product, service and content lifecycle management for multiple aviation, ship, and rail specifications.

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Application Retirement

Reduce IT costs and facilitate data compliance with Application Retirement using EMC's InfoArchive.

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Managed Content Services

Our CORENA Managed Content Services solutions help your tech pubs and training teams support new programs.

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Flatirons creates various and custom solutions for your organization's complex technical information challenges. We have the tools and experience you need to help your organization take action -- turning your content into knowledge. Learn how we enable you to effectively act on critical data when it matters most.

All Our Solutions
  • Aviation Operations

    Flatirons has over 25 years of experience serving the aviation and aerospace industry. We regularly consult with the world’s largest airlines on how to address their complex technical information management requirements. Our CORENA Suite is today’s leading manufacturer-independent technical information management solution for the aviation & aerospace industries.

    We want you to focus on what you do best while we solve your information management problems. Aviation and aerospace clients often express interest in Flatirons’ content solutions and outsourcing services to alleviate the pressure of information management.

  • Technical Publishing

    Capital intensive industries that are subject to technical information management requirements can be handicapped by a lack of technical publishing resources. Flatirons reduces the complexity of your technical information management systems with a personalized combination of products and services designed to streamline your technical publishing.

    This is an opportunity for a revolutionary technical information management solution for your company. Flatirons’ unique solutions are comprised of select CORENA Suite products and Flatirons’ services, customized for your organization’s precise business operations.

  • Enterprise CLM

    At Flatirons, we provide content solutions that make enterprises more efficient and compliant. Our solutions for content lifecycle management help power leaders in financial services, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and other mission critical industries. Flatirons understands each of the unique requirements of these industries, and how content can best serve their mission.

    Our solutions help increase your business’ efficiency and compliance with regulatory and best practices. Deliver complex content more effectively with a content lifecycle management solution from Flatirons.

  • Training Services

    Discover the benefits of managed authoring and training services from Flatirons. Effective training is vital when your personnel are responsible for operating and maintaining capital-intensive assets in highly regulated industries. Our training services help to prepare new employees quickly and ensure your current staff hone their technical skills by guiding the production of exceptional quality training materials for your organization.

    Flatirons can help you create new training materials by capturing the knowledge of experienced technical staff, or we can implement a solution to update your legacy training content for the upcoming generation of skilled workers.

  • Custom Solutions

    At Flatirons, we create customized content lifecycle management solutions to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements and compliance expectations of your industry and customers. Each solution we provide is tailored to the unique operations of your organization. Optimize and maintain your technical content assets throughout the product and service lifecycle, for all of your business networks.

    We resolve the problem of complexity in your technical information management systems with an elegant combination of products and services primed precisely for your company. At Flatirons, we turn content into knowledge.

Our Work

Flatirons works to learn your organizational goals and cultivate content management strategies that support these goals. Your business must understand its goals and how effective information management contributes to reaching those goals. Our content management strategies improve organizational efficiency.

Powerful Solutions

Our mission is to turn your complex data into actionable content to help your organization succeed. Powerful solutions like CORENA Suite enable your business to manage mission-critical data for the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of complex assets over complete product and service lifecycles.

Our Expertise

Our engineers, authors, and illustrators augment your team to support new programs, product releases, business requirements or ramp-up on new technologies. We understand content-critical industries, and are your partner in success.

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