Transforming the Way Engine MROs Achieve Optimal Maintenance Performance Through Utilization of Smart Content in ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D

Feb 13, 2024 | Flatirons MRO Edition, Maintenance Operations

Successful aerospace engine MROs have quickly adopted digitization to optimize performance, increase profitability, and restore growth. Your customers expect faster turnaround times for maintaining their engines. With Flatirons Pinpoint Viewer, you empower your maintenance and engineering teams by providing access to the most up-to-date content in real time while quickly guiding your technicians to the specific content they need at the point of maintenance. Flatirons also offers workflow solutions to manage customer approval of work scope and instructions electronically.

As an industry leader for over 25 years, we have evolved our platform to support legacy and next-generation information exchange standards like ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D. There is no need for additional investment; with Pinpoint, you can utilize your current hardware to display on any platform: desktop, kiosk, laptop, or mobile device running iOS, Android, or Windows in a cloud-hosted, stand-alone, or multi-server deployment environment.

You can optimize your IT footprint by consolidating all manuals, technical data, work cards, special requirements, and standard practices from multiple sources into a single database. With Flatirons, you get a single solution that processes and contains all the latest technical content from OEMs, suppliers, and customers in various formats (SGML, XML, etc.) and non-standardized content (Word, PDF, etc.). By streamlining access with custom-created libraries, folders, and sub-folders, your data becomes organized to best support your organization.

As an Engine MRO, You Have Unique Document Management Requirements

Flatirons understand your needs, and that’s why we’ve developed features to ensure compliance, like freezing document revisions required for an engine maintenance visit and only providing access to manuals and procedures “locked in” at appropriate revision levels. This gives you one less thing to worry about as engines progress through the entire maintenance and repair process. You automatically ensure compliance accuracy by building pre-defined electronic libraries ahead of a visit that only contain manuals configured to the appropriate revision levels that technicians will use on an engine, component, or asset during the maintenance event.

With Pinpoint, you can also easily utilize our user-friendly features to customize your organization’s needs. Our Pinpoint customers appreciate not having to be XML experts to enrich data from multiple sources, accomplish inline editing, add supplemental content and bookmarks to OEM data, and edit Pinpoint graphics.

Managing the Engine MRO Global Footprint

Because engine MROs tend to be global organizations doing work for multiple engine operators in multiple MRO workshops around the world, we are well prepared to adapt to all these unique requirements and address the customized processes, paperwork, and procedures that might not be consistent or coordinated across all your global MRO locations.

At Flatirons, we are adept at managing the unique requirements of engine MROs in many different workshop locations. For instance, we improve a technician’s efficiency by filtering data and work packages only relevant to a particular engine customer or by filtering data only applicable to a specific MRO workshop within the larger MRO organization. The execution and tracking of filtered work packages are expedited with the electronic sign-off of eTaskcards that are integrated with your MRO ERP dashboards to display unassigned, in-work, and completed tasks in real-time to provide you with the greatest visibility of an engine visit’s progress.

Do More with Flatirons

The world’s largest airline and engine MRO repair stations use the Flatirons Technical Content Management platform to manage their end-to-end content lifecycle of technical manuals, libraries, engineering orders, service bulletins, task cards, and visit packages. Shouldn’t you? Contact us to learn more about the Flatirons platform at or for a more detailed product description, visit .

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