Flatirons Solutions Unveils Next-Generation Technical Content and Task Management Platform for the Aerospace Industry’s Technical Publications

Jun 12, 2023 | Company, Technical Content Management

Boulder, CO, June 12, 2023 – Flatirons Solutions, a global leader in technical content and task management solutions, is excited to announce the release of its next-generation platform designed explicitly for technical publications for the airline industry. This cutting-edge solution aims to revolutionize how aviation organizations import, edit, manage, and publish their critical technical documentation, enabling them to achieve new levels of safety, efficiency, compliance, and collaboration. It represents a significant step forward in content management technology.

Flatirons Solutions’ latest technical content management SaaS-based platform is a result of product consolidation, modernization, and collaboration with marquee customers like Delta Air Lines. It continues to set a precedent for what is possible in maintenance publications—providing an intuitive and robust platform for streamlining content creation and distribution. It empowers aerospace professionals to overcome the unique challenges of managing complex S1000D and ATA iSpec2200 technical airframe and engine content within a single solution.

The Flatirons platform leverages the latest technological advancements and enhances modern aircraft data types while optimizing the end-user viewing experience through its intelligent, responsive IETP viewer, Flatirons Pinpoint. This ensures accuracy, consistency, and compliance throughout the publication lifecycle while centralizing all those S1000D and ATA manuals within a single viewer.

“We are thrilled to introduce our next-generation technical content management platform that will enable airlines to improve productivity, drive compliance, and increase safety to all of their technicians as well as modernize the publications and viewing experience throughout their organization,” said Stéphane Labadie, CEO of Flatirons Solutions. “With its advanced features and capabilities, such as enhanced search and linking improvements, our platform based on AWS Cloud infrastructure sets a new standard for efficiency and collaboration, enabling airlines to streamline their content workflows, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.”

“We always strive to bring value to our customers and believe that working closely with our partners helps us deliver solutions that offer our customers a competitive advantage,” said Stéphane. And working with Delta Air Lines enabled Flatirons to quickly bring the newest industry standard for handling S1000D and ATA publications to the airline industry.

“We embarked on a journey with Flatirons to modernize and consolidate the platform we have had in place for the past 20 years. The outcome is a more performant, cloud-based, and refreshed technology stack that sets us up for the next decade,” said James Griffie, Manager of Technical Instruction and Communications at Delta Air Lines.

With this release, Flatirons continues to empower global aerospace organizations to efficiently create, manage, and deliver their critical content, meeting the ever-increasing demands of the industry. “This is just the beginning of a new chapter in our journey to ensure operational safety, compliance, and efficiency while elevating our customers’ experience. We are excited about the future possibilities that lie ahead,” said Stéphane Labadie.

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