How to Turn S1000D to Your Advantage to Deliver High-Quality Data Faster

May 17, 2023 | S1000D

Suppose you are designing and manufacturing complex systems, equipment, or components for the aerospace and defense industry or developing the next generation of eco-friendly aircraft and vehicles. In that case, you need to deliver the best quality support data, information, and solutions to ensure your products’ optimal maintainability, availability, and mission readiness. Using the right tools to create that content and enable your end users to have an efficient and productive experience while ingesting that content has become a requirement for manufacturers worldwide. Content and the process for distribution now go hand in hand to enable the optimal customer experience.

Understanding S1000D

S1000D is the international standard for technical documentation that has evolved over three decades. Initially in the defense aerospace industry and recent years has now been adopted for the latest generation of civil aircraft and aeroengine programs going forward;  Software solutions can help you harness the power of the S1000D standard to enable manufacturers to efficiently manage and deliver the highest quality data, and provide tools to optimize the productivity of operators and maintainers.

Optimize Your Technical Content Creation with Flatirons Knowledge Center

Finding the right solution that can allow for advanced content management for authoring, managing, interchanging, and publishing data compliant with the S1000D standard (as well as ATA iSpec2200) has become a requirement for not only your internal efficiencies but for providing the optimal customer experience. Flatirons Knowledge Center offers a wide range of tools to empower your authors to create compliant, high-quality content faster, helping them to insert valid tagged references and to maximize the reuse of content, including CIR/TIR (Common/Technical Information Repository) data such as Parts, Supplies/Consumables, Tools/Support Equipment and Zones. An extensive API (Application Programming Interface) can allow you to embed a solution Into the different parts of your ecosystem like Integrations with your ERP, PLM, and other systems to automate the maintenance of this data, and a Change Request functionality makes it easy to manage the impacts of engineering and other changes on your S1000D documents. Necessary functionality like full version management, tools, and automated procedures help you create and manage publications and publish filtered and unfiltered content in various formats, including PDF, S1000D Transfer Packages, IETP Neutral packages, and custom formats, truly driving efficiency throughout your publications process.

Manage Your Products as They Evolve with New Modifications and Configurations Over Time

An essential characteristic of complex products with long lifecycles is that, over time, modifications may be introduced to improve product performance and safety and to introduce new capabilities; typically, these modifications will be the subject of upgrade programs spanning many months or years during which time your S1000D data needs to be able to support individual products both before and after the modifications have been applied: Finding the right tool that enables you to easily support this requirement, providing tools that implement the S1000D Applicability model, helping authors to insert tagging to indicate which parts of the content apply before or after a modification has been used can be essential in any new or existing programs you are looking to start for S1000D. This enables you to publish data for individual customers (and even specific individual products) that is filtered based on the known configuration status of the product(s).

Provide Your Customers with Powerful Tools for Viewing and Using Your Data

Having an advanced IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) solution with a browser-based viewer, which can be deployed on a server for access by multiple users or can also be deployed in standalone mode (e.g., on desktop/laptop PCs and workstations and maintenance kiosks) can also be extremely valuable to the customer experience. A native app is also available for iOS mobile devices.

The right IETP solution will enable you to take advantage of the full potential of XML/SGML structured data formats such as S1000D and iSpec2200, together with PDF and other formats. Providing increased productivity for your end-users with an optimized user interface and search tools ensures the quickest times to locate information. And allowing technicians to filter only S10000D or iSpec2200 data pertinent to the equipment they are working on reduces the risk of costly mistakes.

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